Infinity Blade Dungeons ‘Delayed’ Once Again…


You know one of iOS’ most anticipated games? Well, it’s the Infinity Blade series and its soon to be successor, Infinity Blade Dungeons, which is no longer going to be released on time. Epic Games, the mobile gaming company who own the Infinity Blade series, have shut down Impossible Studios and have currently put Infinity […]

Infinity Blade: Dungeons Won’t Release Alongside Apple’s Event, Not Coming Until 2013


For those of you hoping that Infinity Blade: Dungeons will be released alongside Apple’s October 23rd Keynote, we have bad news. The release for the Infinity Blade Prequel has been pushed back. A representative from Epic Games told AllThingsD not to expect the new game to ship until next year: “The logistics of a new […]

Infinity Blade Has Been Updated For iPhone 5 Compatibility, Say What? [Updated]


Apple’s next generation iPhone, sometimes referred to as the iPhone 5, should be set for release in September. The possible improvements the iPhone 5 could include a larger display, 4G LTE connectivity, a smaller dock connector and even NFC. Unfortunately due to Apple’s secrecy on the matter none of this has been confirmed however, and […]

Infinity Blade For iOS Is Epic Games Most Successful And Profiting Game Ever


The Infinity Blade series is one of the best games available for iOS devices; it has amazing graphics and gameplay. Developer Epic Games shared some info on how much profit this game has made for the company and the figures are truly shocking. Epic Games’ other popular title is called Gears of War, which is a […]

Epic Demos Unreal Engine 4, No Mention Of Infinity Blade 3 [VIDEO]


GameTrailers released a development walkthrough video of Epic Games’ upcoming Unreal Engine 4, featuring Epic’s Sr. Technical Artist Alan Willard. It’s an odd feeling, writing about a powerful gaming engine on a site mostly focused on mobile devices, but the iPhone can currently handle Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 3. Unreal Engine 3 was first used […]

Take A Look At Some Of The First Infinity Blade Dungeons Gameplay Footage [VIDEO]


Infinity Blade Dungeons is the next installment of Epic Games’ Infinity Blade series, but instead of being a sequel to the last two games it actually acts as prequel. For those of you who watched the new iPad (iPad 3) keynote, you will also realize it was one of the games Apple showcased to show […]

‘Infinity Blade: Dungeons’ Announced Exclusively For The New iPad [Watch The Trailer Now]


Epic Games has announced the sequel to its renown game Infinity Blade for the Apple iPad called Infinity Blade: Dungeons. Apple just announced the new iPad with faster A5X processor, quad-core graphics and Retina display. The new Infinity Blade game has been designed exclusively for the new iPad and takes full advantage of the new, […]

Infinity Blade Makers Posts $30 Million Revenue After One Year


Joystiq is reporting that Epic Games, the makers of arguably one of the most popular iOS title, Infinity Blade, reported an amazing $10 million in revenue from last summer sales of their first major title in the Apple App Store. After the release of the highly anticipated Infinity Blade II last month, Epic Games has announced that it has now collected […]

The Jaw-Dropping Infinity Blade 2 iOS Game Is Now Available To Download From The Apple App Store


Infinity Blade 2 is one of those games that really marks the pinnacle of any iOS game available in the Apple App Store. It not only features state-of-the-art mobile graphics, but its lighting and shadowing rendering that can match console graphics! This is because Epic Games has developed the Infinity Blade series on the Unreal […]

NEW Infinity Blade 2 Video Showcases Brilliant Graphics On iOS Devices


I would be surprised if you have not at least heard of Infinity Blade. You see, currently Infinity Blade is one of the most graphic intensive games for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. When it was first released a lot of people were amazed by what it brought to the table. Now, since the […]