These Are The Perfect Earbuds For Anyone Who Goes To The Gym Or Is Active


Finding a reliable pair of earbuds for the gym is hard. I would know, I have gone through so many earbuds the past few months as they either fail, aren’t comfortable or sound crappy. If you are in somewhat the same boar then I am here to bring your attention to another pair of earbuds. Bare with […]

ZAGG’s New Earbuds Sound So Good, If You Have Heard Better You Will Get Your Money Back


ZAGG without a doubt makes some great products for your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Whether you are looking at the invisibleSHIELD, some of their iPad Bluetooth keyboards or their audio accessories. Speaking of audio accessories, ZAGG just announced their new earbuds called the ZRSIX. Sure, it’s a cool name, but is it really different […]

Apple Patents Hybrid Wireless Earbuds


At the Apple Expo in Paris in 2005, Steve Jobs explained that the iPod would not come with a Bluetooth headset because there were to many issues with the technology: “The problem with Bluetooth headphones is that it’s not just recharging your iPod, you have to recharge your headphones too. People hate it. There are […]

Purchase a ZAGGsparq and Receive Free ZAGGsmartbuds! (Valued At $49.99)


A couple of days ago we told you about a new promotion that ZAGG is running, where they are giving away an iPad a day for the whole month of February. To top this current promotion off, ZAGG is having another promotion where they are giving away a free pair of ZAGGsmartbuds with the purchase […]