The Next-Gen Xbox Should Arrive For The 2013 Holiday Season, Bloomberg Confirms


The prevailing wisdom these days is that the next generation of home consoles from Microsoft and Sony should arrive in time for next year’s holiday shopping season. Sales figures of the current gen hardware are beginning to stagnate, major developers are switching over to next-gen development, and leaked dev kits are doing the rounds online. […]

Watch Microsoft’s E3 2012 Media Keynote Now [Smartglass, Internet Explorer, Game Trailers And More]


This year at E3 2012 Microsoft has made it clear that they will not be introducing any new hardware as such, instead they will be focusing on new software improvements. Some of the major announcements from Microsoft at E3 2012 include SmartGlass, Internet Explorer for Xbox, new Kinect functionality and various other improvements. With SmartGlass […]

Check Out The Highly Anticipated E3 Asphalt 7: Heat Trailer From Gameloft


Only moments ago we shared with you the first trailer of Gameloft’s upcoming official smartphone game for “The Amazing Spider-Man” movie. If you are not so much a Spider Man fan, or were not too impressed by Gameloft’s trailer then we may have something else that may interest you. Alongside Gameloft revealing a trailer for […]

The Amazing Spider-Man E3 Trailer From Gameloft [VIDEO]


For all of you Spider Man fans out there you are going to be ecstatic over Gameloft’s new trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man they showcased at E3 2012. It is no doubt that The Amazing Spider-Man is one of the most anticipated super hero movies in 2012, and as such Gameloft’s official smartphone game is […]

SmartGlass For Xbox 360 Turns Your Phone Into A Remote, Enables Internet Explorer For Xbox [VIDEO]


In a presentation at E3, Microsoft announced “SmartGlass” for the Xbox 360. Xbox SmartGlass allows for phones to be used as input devices for the Xbox 360, which can scroll through the main page, activate media, and even browse the web. That’s right, SmartGlass is also the introduction of a web browser on the Xbox […]

PlayStation Vita Hyped as Challenger to iPod Touch


Another week, another device that is dubbed as yet another rival to the iDevice. This week, at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles, Sony hyped its the next-generation gaming device – the PlayStation Vita – which will turn up in the US before the end of 2011. The new device is aimed at competing […]