How To: Install DreamBoard Cydia Application To iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad [VIDEO]


DreamBoard is a WinterBoard alternative that can theme your jailbroken iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad in a more intuitive and dynamic way. Instead of having to worry about setting up complicated icon layouts, that is required in complex WinterBoard themes, with DreamBoard activating and switching between themes takes place in just a few taps of […]

My Top 5 Cydia Tweaks For iPhone, iPod Touch And iPad [FREE]


We’ve covered a lot of useful, innovative, eye-catching Cydia tweaks and applications recently, but most of them have been paid apps, available through the Cydia store. The following top 5 list is a compilation of what I think are some of the best free apps and tweaks available for jailbreak users, sourced from all categories. […]

The Top 7 Fun Cydia Tweaks For Your iPhone, iPod Touch And iPad!


With over 6 iDevices being Jailbroken every second, there are many people who are new to the Jailbreaking scene. Thus many people are unaware of some of the best Cydia tweaks available. That is why I have started my top 7 series which began last week with The Top 7 Essential Cydia Tweaks For Your […]

DreamBoard Cydia App: From Free To Paid – Paid To Free? [Download Now]


Yup, now DreamBoard, the newest and most advanced theming platform for iOS till date, has become a FREE piece of software, legit, from the Cydia Store, available right from inside the ModMyi repo. If you haven’t heard of it yet, then let me make the conclusion short for you: It is WinterBoard’s only ‘worthy’ competitor […]

DreamBoard Cydia App: Say Hello To WinterBoard Cydia App First Rival For iPhone And iPod Touch


Today a new WinterBoard alternative was released into Cydia called DreamBoard! This new theming utility proves to be quite useful as unlike WinterBoard, DreamBoard provides fast theme switching without the need to Re-Spring and also more advanced theming options. Another great aspect to DreamBoard is that it has all of its functionality built in (unlike […]