Corona Untethered Jailbreak Explained By The Dream Team At HITB 2012 [VIDEO]

The Dream Team, as we all know them as, are the reason behind the last two untethered jailbreaks on iOS 5.0.1 and iOS 5.1.1. The team was present at the Hack In The Box conference that took place last month in Amsterdam. They spoke about the jailbreak, the exploits and more, while also releasing Absinthe […]

The Dream Team Presenting At Hack In The Box (HITB) Security Conference

Hacking Apple’s iOS devices is an extremely hard task and is definitely not for the feint hearted. In fact, I remember talking to Comex awhile back about just how difficult hacking Apple’s iOS devices were and he stated that they were the hardest devices he had come across to actually exploit. This was just about two years […]