Use Siri To Disable And Enable Do Not Disturb Mode With The Crescent Cydia Tweak [VIDEO]

How many times do we find ourselves disabling ‘Do Not Disturb’ when we fall asleep or just want to stop getting alerts from everyone? Do you find yourself quitting out of your applications, scrolling to find settings just to disable or enable the Do Not Disturb function? Joshua Tucker and Evan Coleman have teamed up […]

Two Free Cydia Tweaks To Try: Flusterless And Awake Speech

Here are two free Cydia tweaks that can improve your iOS experience. The first one’s called Flusterless and this tweak adds an easy to use Do Not Disturb toggle on the lockscreen. The second, called Awake Speech, can read out custom text that you want to hear when your alarm goes off. Both of these […]

MyVibe Cydia Tweak Disables Vibrate When Phone Is Laid Flat And Toggles Do Not Disturb When Placed Upside Down

A lot of new tweaks have been making their way to Cydia since the release of the iOS 6 untethered jailbreak. Not all of them are useful or necessary to have on your iOS devices. There are some, however, that are so awesome that you will need to install them. For example, this new tweak called […]

Add Do Not Disturb Toggle To SBSettings Or Activator With Do Not Disturb Toggle Tweak

Apple introduced the Do Not Disturb option in iOS 6, which basically lets you turn off all notifications, alerts and calls in one tap. It’s quite handy if you don’t want to be disturbed while you’re sleeping. To turn it on, you’ll have to open the Settings app and then turn on the Do Not […]

Do Not Disturb Feature Comes To Jailbroken iOS Devices With BannerDisable Cydia Tweak

A few days ago, 9to5Mac reported that iOS 6 will be getting many features from OS X Mountain Lion such as Do Not Disturb and others. The Do Not Disturb toggle basically cuts off all notifications and alerts, so you can have a peaceful time without being disturbed. However, if you can’t wait for iOS […]