Corning Introduces Lotus XT: The Next Generation Of High Performance Glass


Corning Glass, Inc. has really made a name for itself recently and if you have a top of the line smartphone or tablet, chances are it is made using Corning glass. The company has been on a role lately releasing brand new products and upgrading existing products. In June the unbelievably slim Willow Glass was […]

Refreshed Thunderbolt Display With USB 3.0, MagSafe 2 And Fused LCD Display Coming Soon?


When Apple refreshed the iMac to feature a dramatically thinner design which reduced screen glare by up to 75 percent, it seemed likely that the company would eventually refresh their Thunderbolt display with the same technology. It looks like this may happen shortly as according to AppleInsider major resellers such as Amazon, J&R and MacMall […]

Does AMOLED Display Obsolete LCD Technology?


According to a report from Korea IT Times, AMOLED technology makes LCD technology obsolete. If the publication is to be believed, AMOLED will soon replace LCD, in the same way LCD displays have replaced tube CRTs. The big advantages of AMOLED over LCD that Korea IT Times cites in their article is that the panels […]

Toddy Cloth – The Most Effective Screen Cloth for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Toddy-Featured Image

The Toddy Smart Cloth is a excellent example of a screen cloth for all your iDevices. The cloth features two different types of microfiber, on each side, that each do a important part of cleaning your iDevice’s screen, or intact any device’s screen. The first side of the cloth is a more plush microfiber that […]

Glasses Free 3D Coming To The iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad!


We have talked about different 3D technologies before on and it looks like we will continue to! 3D technology seems to be the upcoming trend in the technology industry these days. Whether you are looking at the ever-growing 3D TV market or Nintendo’s attempt to bring 3D into the mobile gaming industry. It looks […]

Replicate the Apple Store displays with this dock!


As part of the Apple Store 2.0 improvement scheme implemented in the Apple Retail Outlets recently, you’ll probably have noticed the awesome new layout of the products, as well as the iPads that are used as information signs. I’ve often walked around the Apple Store thinking this would be extremely cool to house my gadgets. […]

Display Out and Display Recorder now Support the iOS 4.3.x Firmware!


Today Ryan Petrich (a 3rd party tweak developer) tweeted that Display Recorder and Display Out now support the iOS 4.3.x firmware. In case you have not heard of the two tweaks we mentioned, both Display Out and Display Recorder are two very useful tweaks developed by Ryan Petrich: Display Out: Displays your iPhone, iPod Touch […]