Mastermind Cydia Tweak Developer Ryan Petrich Takes To Reddit To Do An AMA


Reddit AMAs (Ask Me Anything) seem to be getting more and more popular. Today none other than Ryan Petrich started a Reddit AMA where he answered some questions regarding his favorite tweaks, his lifestyle and more. For those of you who don’t know who Ryan Petrich is, he is the bright mind behind many Cydia […]

The Government Is Calling For Greater Control Of App Privacy #ItsAboutTime

In 2012 we saw a lot of privacy scares to do with applications uploading your contacts and even photos to their servers without your permission. In fact, even Instagram proposed a new TOS update that would give them permission to use your photos in their advertising efforts. These privacy scares have provoked certain individuals to […]

Developers To Finally Get Their Hands On Google’s Virtual Reality Project: Project Glass


Developers who pre-ordered Google Glasses at last year’s Google event, should receive them this month, only costing $1500. Although this may seem like a lot, for a new, almost revolutionary augmented reality device, I consider it a reasonable price, especially as they are not even out of development yet. Other lucky developers, only selected I’m […]

Want Pod2G To Work For You? His Company 2G Lab Is Looking to Be Hired


Famous iOS hacker Pod2g is on the lookout for new projects based on iOS development and security research. I’m sure you must be familiar with his work. He was the brains behind the recent iOS 5.1.1 untethered jailbreak and also helped in finding other iOS exploits. Recently, Pod2g released a new app on the App […]

iOS 6.1 GM Could Be Released To Developers As Early As Tomorrow


There have been four iterations of the iOS 6.1 firmware so far, with the latest being released on December 17th. iOS 6.1 was originally slated to be released sometime in December, but it was then pushed back to January. As for what day in January this is yet to be seen, but rest assured it […]

iOS 7 And The ‘iPhone6.1′ Picked Up In Developer Usage Logs

Ever since Scott Forstall, the man responsible for much of the visual design of Apple’s iOS, left the fruit company his job duties were handed over to Jony Ive. It is a known fact that Ive isn’t a fan of skeuomorphism, which for those of you who don’t know, is the idea of making user interface elements resemble real materials and mechanisms. […]

Google Running New Ad Campaign Asking iOS Devs To ‘Do Cool Things That Matter’

do cool things that matter

Search engine giant Google, has started a new ad campaign that’s asking iOS developers to go work for them. They want to improve the user experience of their apps on iOS devices. Recently, the company released Google Maps for iOS, which was an instant hit among iOS uses. 9to5Mac reported seeing this ad running on their […]

Mac OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.3 Beta (Build 12D32) Released To Developers


Apple has some changes in the works for their desktop operating system, and they’ve released a beta version of those changes to developers today. Anyone who’s in the OS X developer network will now have access to OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.3 (Build 12D32), effective sometime early this morning. Beyond the build name that sounds […]

No New Apps Or Updates Will Appear Between December 21st To The 29th Due To iTunes Connect Shutting Down


Every year Apple shuts down its iTunes Connect service – the portal for developers to manage their applications in the App Store – for the holidays. This year iTunes Connect will be closed from December 21st to December 29th. What this means is during this time no new applications will become available, and no new […]

The Windows Phone SDK For 8.0 Is Available [Download]


For all those Windows Phone 8 fans out there, then this is great news for you. Microsoft has released the full Software Development Kit for the Windows Phone 8.0 platform. The system requirements for this are the following: Supported operating systems: Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro, Windows 8 64-bit client versions 4 GB of RAM […]