My Top 5 Cydia Tweaks For iPhone, iPod Touch And iPad [FREE]


We’ve covered a lot of useful, innovative, eye-catching Cydia tweaks and applications recently, but most of them have been paid apps, available through the Cydia store. The following top 5 list is a compilation of what I think are some of the best free apps and tweaks available for jailbreak users, sourced from all categories. […]

CyDelete Cydia Tweak: Delete Cydia Applications Straight From iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Homescreen!


How annoying is it after you download some crappy package from Cydia to have to relaunch Cydia, go into Manage -> Packages, find it from the list, hit remove and wait? Mega hey? We’ve featured this tweak before but thought we’d bring it back to life for those who had missed it first time round. […]

CyDelete: Delete Your Cydia Apps Directly From iOS Homescreen [Cydia Tweak]


Most folks might be familiar with what this tweak does but since the number of iDevice users are increasing by the minute, we figured it would only make sense for them to know what we already knew. CyDelete is a tweak from Cydia that helps delete your Cydia apps directly from the homescreen on your […]