Apple’s Fancy New Headquarters Will Be Delayed Until 2016


It looks like Apple’s gigantic new headquarters is facing a few roadblocks, and it’s going to be delayed once again. The huge, circular campus was originally designed by Steve Jobs himself back in 2011, just four months before his death. The original plan was for Apple to start moving in to the new campus in […]

The Genital-Filled Life Of An Apple App Reviewer


With well over half a million apps on the App Store these days, and over 25 Billion downloads over its five year lifespan, it’s safe to say there’s a lot of content on there. Of course, not everything is allowed to be on there, though, and apps get removed or rejected all the time. There’s […]

Apple Sends Brochures Seeking Feedback From ‘Campus 2′ Neighbours


On June 7th, 2011 Apple proposed a new campus building, often referred to as the mothership, to the Cupertino city council. For the most part the project seemed to be embraced with open arms, but some residents have voiced concerns with the additional traffic such a campus would bring to the area. To diminish such […]

Apple’s Stocks Down $110 Over 5 Weeks, Slips Below $500 Billion Market Cap


Apple’s stock fell 17% over the last five weeks, according to Forbes. Don’t feel too sorry for Cupertino: Even when it fell below its $500 billion market capitalization, it’s still the highest valued company by that measure. (Exxon Mobil, the runner up, is at $383 billion.) Why has Apple’s stock declined in the last few […]

This Is What The Inside Of The Apple Headquarters Looks Like [IMAGES]


Every Apple fanboy wants to get the opportunity to visit the fruit company’s headquarters in Cupertino, California. The Infinite Loop Building is one of the most secretive company headquarters and only a few lucky individuals get access inside. This is the place where all the magic happens, where the iPhone, the iPad, the MacBooks and […]

Steve Jobs Remembered By The City Of Cupertino [Video]


Steve Jobs, as the whole world should know by now, died on October 5th, 2011 after fighting with cancer for a long time. Remorse spread over the world, with millions of fans turning up on the Apple Stores for paying tribute to him. Even his rivals expressed deep sadness at his death including the head […]

iPhone Dev-Team Member MuscleNerd Visits Apple


Today iPhone Dev-Team member MuscleNerd tweeted a very interesting picture (which you can see below) of an Apple T-Shirt with a name tag made specifically for MuscleNerd. What becomes even more interesting is the location that this image was taken from – Cupertino. Which means MuscleNerd was invited to Apple’s Head Quarters in Cupertino. With […]

Cupertino Shares Magnificent Photos/Plans Of Apple’s Upcoming ‘Mothership’ Building


Today 9to5mac reported that the City of Cupertino released a series of PDFs which contained detailed floor plans of Apple’s 20,000 plus person super-structure. This super-structure announced by Apple just days after the WWDC 2011 was given a nickname of the ‘mothership‘ and would be the new Apple HQ (head quarter) building. It was commented […]

Apple opening two retail stores in Canada


Canada based Apple fanatics will be pleased to know that Apple is planning on opening two new retail stores to enhance your shopping experience. Ontario is the region where the Cupertinos is opening two new stores which will undoubtedly please the folks located there. One of the two stores will open in the Conestoga Mall […]

The Complete iPhone 4 Conference in a NutShell….


Today Apple Held A conference to address the iPhone 4’s Antenna issue at Apple’s campus in Cupertino, California. This conference was an approach by Apple to help suppress the bad publicity Apple is receiving from their latest iPhone. After Consumer Report gave the iPhone 4 a bad review because of reception issues, Apple needed to […]