The iPhone And iPad App Development Course [Deals]


Are you: a programmer who needs to Learn iOS, a student, someone with a great App idea, or a computer science teacher who wants to add iOS to their skill set? If you answered yes to any of the descriptions above – keep reading because it’s your lucky day. Take your knowledge of the Objective-C […]

You Could Be The Next Successful iOS App Developer By Following This Course [Deals]


The App Store and mobile games market is huge! In fact, Gartner Inc. reported that Mobile phone apps are expected to generate $25 billion in worldwide sales in 2013, up 62% from last year. If you’ve ever thought about becoming an app developer, you’re probably familiar with the stat above. The app industry is booming and […]

Learn How To Become A Better iPhoneographer With This iPhone Photography Course [Deals]


If you have ever wanted to learn how to take better pictures on your iPhone’s camera then you are in luck! For a limited time iJailbreak is able to offer an iPhone photography course that will teach you everything you need to know when it comes to taking amazing photos on your iPhone. You’ll discover […]

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If you have ever dreamed of creating your own website, or even jumping career paths to become a web developer then I have some exciting news. iJailbreak is currently offering a course from trainer Mark Lassoff, who will teach you everything you need to know about web development and he’s giving you the certification you need to actually […]

Learn How To Become A Web Developer, iOS Developer And PhotoShop Master With Our Learn To Code Bootcamp


If you have ever wanted to learn how to become a programmer, but have struggled to find a suitable course that will teach you a wide variety of skills then you are in luck! Currently iJailbreak is offering a Learn To Code Bootcamp bundle that provides an extreme amount of value for an unbelievable price. […]

Take Advantage Of Your Mac’s Hidden Powers With These Productivity Hacks


Alright… so you paid thousands of dollars to be in possession of one of the most advanced computers in the world, but I bet you are not taking advantage of half of its features. Your Mac computer has a ton of useful capabilities that most people are oblivious to because who wants to read a […]

Become An OS X Mountain Lion Server Whiz With Our New Course


Do you need to know how to share files and services Mac to Mac or Mac to PC? What about a better understanding of using Mac Server in a commercial environment? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you will want to check out our new Mac OS X Mountain Lion server […]

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In case you missed our last article highlighting this incredible course iJailbreak is offering… for FREE, then I am here to bring it to your attention again. iJailbreak is currently allowing our readers to take advantage of a free iPhone app success course that will teach the secrets of making a successful app for the […]

Learn How To Create Successful iPhone Apps In This Free Course From iJailbreak


Did you know that out of the whopping 700,000 apps in the App Store, only about 5,000 are profitable? If you are creating an application you can’t afford to be on the losing side! It is no question that because of the price of developing an iOS app most individuals don’t have enough money to […]

Learn HTML, CSS And JavaScript In This Regularly $600 Course For Only $69


Have you ever wanted to get a start in computer programming, but got too flustered when you realized all the options for doing so? There are books, free information on the web, premium courses, heck you can even go to school and take courses in computer programming. Choosing the right form of education is never […]