Samsung Is Top Mobile OEM And Google Is The Top Smartphone Platform In The U.S


A new report shows that Samsung continues to be the Top Mobile OEM in the United States, with Apple at its tail. Google, with its Android mobile OS, takes the top spot among Smartphone Platforms, again tailed by Apple’s iOS. This new data comes from comScore, who studied more than 30,000 U.S mobile users above […]

ComScore Releases Canadian Smartphone Stats: Samsung And Android The Big Winners


Mobile statistics company ComScore took the opportunity yesterday to present all sorts of number about the Canadian mobile market, including manufacturer market share, OS market share, and smartphone adoption rates. MobileSyrup was on the scene to catch all the data in projector slide form. Most of it will probably show up online from ComScore directly […]

ComScore Says More Ladies Than Men Own Kindle Fire, and iPad Owners Care Less About Cost


The technology survey creators ComScore are up to their usual tricks, this time providing data on tablet buyers. They surveyed a group of 6000 recent tablet purchasers, and made some interesting discoveries about the demographics and motives of these folks. Apparently Kindle Fires are more likely to be purchased by women than men, while the […]

Android And iOS Market Share Growing, BlackBerry And Symbian Continue Falling


The latest smartphone market share numbers from ComScore are out, and it’s about what you’d expect. iOS and Android devices are continuing to gobble up more market share, with Android now controlling more phones than all other operating systems combined. Apple’s iOS continues to hold down second place, and continues to expand steadily. The biggest loser […]

Gmail Is Now The Largest Email Provider In The World


According to Google’s most recent figures for Gmail usage, the email service has reached 425 million active users, surpassing Hotmail for the first time to become the world’s largest email provider. Both Hotmail and Yahoo have held the title previously, but now both have been beaten by the much younger Google service. In a post […]

Apple Posts Growth Among OEMs In March In The US


While Apple’s dominance and growth is very difficult to not notice, its market dominance for smartphone subscribers is still growing, however not as fast as Android. Today, the research firm comScore has released its numbers for U.S. mobile subscribes for the three month period ending March 2012 While Apple was able to grow 1.1% from December 2011, holding 30.7% […]

Amazon’s Kindle Fire Makes Up Over Half Of Android Tablet Market Share


When it comes to tablets, it’s safe to say that Apple is currently the king with its wildly popular iPad. But who’s holding it down on the Android side of things? Well, according to the latest data from comScore, Amazon’s Kindle is the strongest Android competitor on the market right now. In fact, the smaller […]

Apple iPhone Tops The List Of Smartphones Sold In United States During 2011


Look who decided to top the list of all the smartphones sold in the United States in 2011. Yes, Apple of course. And even the iPhone 4S made it to the third spot, even though it was only on sale for just about 3 months in 2011. According to a new report by Comscore, Apple’s […]