Watch Apple’s New TV Ad For iPhone 5c And iOS 7 Titled ‘Designed Together’ [VIDEO]


Now that iOS 7 is out and so are both the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s, Apple decided to make an ad that features both. Well, this new TV ad titled ‘Designed Together’ is just for the iPhone 5c, but it shows how iOS 7 feels like home on the colored handset. Again, Apple has […]

Nokia’s New TV Ad For Lumia 1020 Bashes iPhone’s Camera And Users [VIDEO]


Microsoft has released a new TV ad for the Nokia Lumia 1020, a Windows Phone with a 41-megapixel camera and 6x digital zoom. The new commercial shows a large audience at a play, using the iPhone, iPad and other smartphones to take photos. However, since most smartphone cameras can’t really zoom a lot, the pictures […]

Microsoft Is Now Attacking The iPad Mini [VIDEO]

Microsoft Is Now Attacking The iPad Mini

Microsoft seems to be on an iPad crusade at the moment and targeting everything iPad. Only yesterday we shared with you guys another commercial that was mean to show how the Surface RT was better than the iPad and today Microsoft has posted another commercial. This particular commercial, however, isn’t aimed at the full-sized iPad […]

Apple Releases A New Commercial Titled FaceTime Every Day [Video]

FaceTime Every Day

Apple has just uploaded a new commercial to its YouTube channel called FaceTime Every Day. This ad follows the same format of previous ads like Music Every Day and Photos Every Day in the fact that it focusses on a single feature… and can you guess what that is this time around? FaceTime of course! This […]

Apple’s New iPhone 5 TV Ad: Music Every Day [VIDEO]


Apple users love listening to music on their iPhone or iPod Touch and that’s what is showcased in the new iPhone 5 TV ad. The fruit company has started to air a new iPhone 5 TV ad titled ‘Music Every Day’. This ad is part of Apple’s new ad campaign that started with ‘Photos Every […]

New Microsoft TV Ad Uses Siri To Throw Dirt On The Apple iPad [UPDATED]

iPad vs Surface Ad

There’s a lot of competition going on in the tablet world. The Apple iPad leads the market, whereas Android and Windows 8 tablets are trying to get a piece of the pie. Microsoft’s Surface tablet isn’t doing very well, but it does some  areas that outshine the iPad. The company has released a new TV […]

Samsung Pokes Fun At Apple In New Galaxy S4 Ad [VIDEO]


Whenever there’s a new Samsung Galaxy smartphone, there’s always a TV ad that bashes the iPhone so the new Galaxy can look better. For the new Galaxy S4, which was launched recently, Samsung has posted a new TV ad that shows the viewers how old the iPhone and its features are. The Samsung Galaxy S4 […]

Apple Releases New iPhone 5 Ad ‘Photos Every Day’ [VIDEO]

iPhone 5-Photos Every Day

Apple has released a new TV ad for the iPhone 5 focusing mainly on the camera. The iPhone’s camera is the most popular and most used one in the entire world. On Flickr, the top three cameras used to take pictures is the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and iPhone 5. The new TV ad strays […]

New French TV Ad For Toilet Paper Reminds Us Paper Is More Important Than Tablets [VIDEO]


Technology has affected our daily living in so many different ways. One such example is the use of paper, which has gone down a lot since the arrival of tablets. We use tablet devices, such as the iPad, to draw, read, write etc. and that has reduced our dependency on paper. The newspaper industry has also been […]

Apple Airs Two New iPhone Commercials Titled Brilliant And Discover


Apple has just aired two new iPhone commercials this evening by the name of Brilliant and Discover. Unsurprisingly both ads use Apple’s latest advertising style of flashing words, landing on a particular word and then relaying app demos that relate to the word. The overall goal of this new advertising style is to bring about […]