Gridlock 2.0 Released Into Cydia To Bring A Desktop-Like Feel To The iOS 6 Home Screen


Gridlock has without a doubt been a very popular tweak throughout firmware generations and if you are one of the tweaks fans you will be glad to know it has been updated for the iOS 6 firmware generation in Gridlock 2.0. For those of you who are new to the Jailbreaking community, Gridlock essentially makes […]

Infiniboard v2.0.2 Is Available On Cydia Now, Includes Support For Iconoclasm And Overboard


You might remember that Grant Paul–also known as Chpwn to the hacking community–updated his infiniapps lineup of paid tweaks back in December. The 2.0 update for Infinidock, Infiniboard, and Infinifolders included support for iOS 6, improved performance, and a removal of the icon cap–allowing for the tweaks to truly handle an infinite number of apps. […]

Grant Paul (@Chpwn) Releasing Major Update For Several Tweaks; Rewrites For Performance, Stability, And New Features


Grant Paul announced on Twitter today that there are big releases coming soon for several of his tweaks. He did not specify which tweaks would be getting an overhaul, but mentioned that the updates would include “complete, from-scratch rewrites for performance, stability, and more easily adding features.” Paul, also known as Chpwn, is the developer […]

iOS Hacker @Chpwn Spotted In Facebook’s Official App Store Screenshot


Grant Paul, also known by his alias ‘Chpwn‘, is a prolific developer in the iOS jailbreak and homebrew community. He’s contributed to Cydia, the open source package manager for jailbroken iDevices, he’s produced a number of failbreaks–private jailbreaks that developers use to uncover jailbreaks which can be released to the public–and he’s also developed incredible […]

The 4th Generation iPad Has Been Jailbroken [IMAGE]


In less than 24 hours after the iPad Mini went on sale, jailbreak hackers @Chpwn and @Phoenixdev managed to jailbreak the tablet. It’s obviously a Failbreak though, which means only developers will be able to test it. Now, the same developer has managed to jailbreak the 4th generation iPad (iPad 4) as well. Chpwn sent out a tweet yesterday […]

The iPad Mini Has Been Jailbroken In Just Over 24 Hours After Going On Sale


The iPad Mini went on sale yesterday and in just over 24 hours, @Chpwn and @Phoenixdev have Jailbroken it! The news comes from @MuscleNerd who tweeted only moments ago a screenshot (that you can see below) of the “failbreak” in action on the iPad Mini. The reason why it is being referred to by MuscleNerd […]

Grant Paul (Chpwn) Updates, “Nothing Available Right Now” For iOS 6

iOS-6-icon is a handy cheat-sheet, run by Grant Paul, for matching the version of iOS running on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch with an appropriate jailbreak method. Paul has just updated the list to include devices “running iOS 6.0 or later.” Unfortunately, underneath that spot on the list Paul wrote that there is “nothing […]

Pod2g Is Not Currently Working On The iOS 6 Jailbreak; More Details At WWJC On Saturday?


It’s been four days since Grant Paul first announced an iOS 6 jailbreak on the iPhone 4S, and three days since Paul showed off Cydia running on the bottom row of an iPhone 5. The developer, known to the iPhone homebrew and jailbreak community as Chpwn, has not released much information. The truth is we […]

This Is What Cydia Will Look Like On A Jailbroken iPhone 5


Today something so surprising happened that when I looked over Chpwn’s tweet I couldn’t help think to myself “is this legit?” If you don’t know what I am talking about then you are in for a treat. Earlier today Chpwn tweeted that he had officially Jailbroken the iPhone 5, and this news took the Jailbreaking […]

That Was Fast; Chpwn Jailbreaks The iPhone 5 On Day 1


Unless I blinked and missed something, this came out of nowhere. The iPhone 5 has officially (and briefly) hit store shelves today, and Grant Paul (Chpwn) has already jailbroken the device and installed Cydia. Paul also managed to jailbreak an iPhone 4S running iOS 6, if the pictures the prolific developer released are to be […]