iPhone Unlocking In The U.S Is Now Completely Legal

Earlier this week, the CTIA’s (Cellular Telephone Industries Association) unlocking standards went into affect and all U.S carriers are supposed to accept the changes outlined by these standards. This basically means that now you can unlock your iPhone without worrying about any legal issues. The carrier you’re in contract with will have to unlock your […]

Improve Your Cellular Performance On Sprint With This Hacked iPhone 5 Carrier Update

If you have been keeping up with iJailbreak lately then you will realize over the last month or so we have seen hacked carrier updates released for the iPhone and cellular iPad to increase network performance (and even improve coverage in some cases) for carriers such as AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon. All of these hacked […]

How To: Unlock iPhone 4 Or iPhone 3GS On iOS 6.x With UltraSn0w 1.2.8

Earlier today we told you that UltraSn0w 1.2.8 was released by the iPhone Dev-Team and with its release comes compatibility with the iOS 6 firmware generation. This means if you have been holding off upgrading to iOS 6 because of UltraSn0w compatibility woes, it is now safe to do so. You will simply need to use […]

iPhone Unlocking Could Become Illegal After This Saturday

Yes, you read that right. Unlocking your carrier-locked iPhone without contacting your carrier could become illegal come this Saturday. Even software unlocks without consent from your carrier would be considered illegal. With an unlocked iPhone, you can use any carrier’s SIM card on your device. This is very useful for travelers or if you want […]

How To: Change Your iPhone Or iPad’s Carrier Logo With CarrierEdit [No Jailbreak Required]

If you have ever Jailbroken your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad then you have likely heard of the Zeppelin Cydia tweak. This particular Cydia tweak allows you to replace your carrier logo with an image or string of text of your choice. In fact, we even showed you how to create your own Zeppelin logos. As […]

How To: Carrier Unlock Galaxy Note 2 N7100 / N7105 For Free (May Work On Some Galaxy S3 Variants – Not All)

The last thing any Android user wants is their Android device to be SIM-locked. A SIM-locked phone is useless when traveling to a place where the original carrier’s network is not supported. Usually, XDA Developers’ member are known for releasing custom ROMs and other Mods, but information on unlocking handsets is released occasionally. However, when […]

DateCarrier And RAMCarrier Give The Carrier Text Something Useful To Do [Cydia Tweak]

We’ve seen tweaks for personalizing carrier text (or images) in the past, but who really cares if my status bar tells me “Mike Rules!” every day? I already know that, and it’s not like anyone else is peeking over my shoulder while I’m using my phone. Two new tweaks in Cydia–DateCarrier and RAMCarrier–replace the carrier […]

Here Is How I Unlocked My iPhone On iOS 5.1 (Using SAM) Without It Being Jailbroken

It’s been over a year that I’ve had my iPhone 4 with me, locked, but running on the Gevey Turbo SIM. However, earlier today when the SAM unlock method was announced I was unimaginably happy. Unlocking my iPhone 4 16GB, preserved on baseband 4.10.01 and running on iOS 5.0.1 (untethered), was the first thing I […]

Easily Track Your Data Consumption From Notification Center With WeeTrackData Cydia Tweak

If you are looking for an easy, and more importantly quick way to check your data consumption on your iPhone or iPad 3G then you should check out the WeeTrackData Cydia tweak. The WeeTrackData Cydia tweak will allow you to easily track how much data you have consumed on a monthly, weekly or daily scale […]