Pause And Resume Video Recording In iOS Camera App With This Tweak


The stock iOS Camera app doesn’t let you pause or resume video recording, which can come in handy at times. Thankfully, there’s a new jailbreak tweak called RecordPause that brings Pause and Resume feature in video recording to the stock iOS Camera app. With RecordPause, you can pause video recording at any time and resume at […]

Add A QR Reader To The Stock Camera App With This Tweak

qr mode

A QR Reader app can come in handy anywhere as a QR Code is used in many cases these days. Yes, there are plenty of QR Code reader apps available in the App Store, but wouldn’t it be easier if the stock iOS Camera app came with a QR Reader? QR Mode is a new […]

Simply Double-Tap On The Camera Icon To Take Pictures With QuickShoot [Cydia Tweak]


There are not a lot of iOS Camera tweaks. Recently, a tweak called Kamera was released that added shortcuts to the Notification Center. Here’s another tweak, that is an even faster shortcut to taking pictures via the Camera app. You don’t even have to open the app to take a picture. This tweak, known asQuickShoot, […]

Enable The 5th Generation iPod Touch’s Low Light Boost Camera Mode With The LLBiPT5 Cydia Tweak


The iPod Touch is actually starting to get to the point where it is a good point and shoot camera, the only downfall to the iPod Touch’s camera is that it is bad at low light photography. Although there won’t be anything that will change this fact, you can at least make low light photographs […]

How To: Shoot Vertical Panorama Photos On The iPhone


One feature that Apple introduced in the iOS 6 firmware generation was Panorama photos. This is a much appreciated functionality because it allows you to easily capture a wide landscape or crowds of people. With Panorama photos you no longer have to tell people to crowd together to fit inside the frame of the photo […]

Camera Fix iOS App Promises To Fix Purple Haze Issues On Your iPhone 5

Camera Fix ios app icon-ijailbreak

Earlier this month we wrote about an iPhone 5 case that claimed to fix the lens flare/purple haze issue. Many users have experienced a purple haze when taking photos in bright light with their iPhone 5. It is without a doubt that this purple haze can get annoying at times. Thus, a new app called […]

Cydia’s CameraTweak Upgrades The iPhone’s Default Camera App For Photos And Video


The default iOS camera app is simple and easy to use, but it’s essentially stuck on automatic mode. Focus and exposure are tied together to whatever you tap on, composition overlays are limited to a grid, and you’re not really sure what’s getting into the standard 4:3 or 16:9 boxes when you’re taking a video, […]

Add A Self-Timer To The Stock iOS Camera App With The CamTime Cydia Tweak


The iPhone 4/4S camera hardware is top of the line, but the built-in iOS camera app is not so much. The camera app in iOS provides basic functionality and that doesn’t even include a self-timer. All you can do is turn on/off the flash, enable grid view or HDR and obviously take a picture or […]

CamFast Cydia Tweak Smokes The New iOS 5.1 Lockscreen Camera Shortcut


With iOS 5.1 came the new lockscreen camera shortcut that makes accessing the camera even faster than before. As there’s no untethered jailbreak for iOS 5.1 yet, many have chosen not to update to the latest version and thus can’t experience the new and faster camera shortcut. This new Cydia tweak, called CamFast, assigns quick […]

CamSlideShow Cydia Tweak Adds A Camera Button To Your iPad 2’s Lockscreen [VIDEO]


When Apple released the iOS 5 firmware for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad most of the features were pretty consistent throughout all of the iOS devices. One feature that was present on the iPhone and iPod Touch, however, that did not make its way to the iPad 2 was the quick camera lunch button that […]