Apple And Samsung Narrow Claims For Upcoming California Trial


On Monday night Apple narrowed down its California litigation with Samsung by dropping half its infringement claims, while Samsung dropped 5 of 12 patents but claims that the trial is still too big to go to trial this summer, according to FOSS Patents. The purpose of this Summer’s trial will be to determine if Samsung […]

This Is What The Inside Of The Apple Headquarters Looks Like [IMAGES]


Every Apple fanboy wants to get the opportunity to visit the fruit company’s headquarters in Cupertino, California. The Infinite Loop Building is one of the most secretive company headquarters and only a few lucky individuals get access inside. This is the place where all the magic happens, where the iPhone, the iPad, the MacBooks and […]

JailbreakCon (WWJC) 2012 Website Now Live With A Prospective Venue In California!


Last year the worlds first Jailbreak conference, MyGreatFest was held in London and was quite a success. Well-known hackers to the Jailbreaking community such as P0sixninja (Joshua Hill) and even Saurik (Jay Freeman) were in attendance making the event something not to forget. Due to the success of MyGreatFest it was being rumoured that there […]

Liquipel Will Make Your iPhone Completely Waterproof Without A Case


Waterproof is a term that is tossed around but rarely is a device or object truly waterproof. Some are water resistant which have a limit on depth and duration of water exposure. If you are like others you have a case on your Apple iPhone, which are great, but they do bulk up the thin […]

New York City Apple Event Being Planned For The End Of This Month


According to AllThingsD, sources close to Apple, have stated that they (Apple) will be holding an event in New York City at the end of January. Now, before you get too excited thinking that it is going to be a product launch styled event for the iPad 3 or rumored Apple TV project. Instead it […]

The Complete iPhone 4 Conference in a NutShell….


Today Apple Held A conference to address the iPhone 4’s Antenna issue at Apple’s campus in Cupertino, California. This conference was an approach by Apple to help suppress the bad publicity Apple is receiving from their latest iPhone. After Consumer Report gave the iPhone 4 a bad review because of reception issues, Apple needed to […]