Workers Don’t Want An iPad!?


Workers don’t want an iPad!? With Apple leading the way in post PC technology and the success of selling over 100 million iPads in around 30 Months (2 and half years) last October. Apple is now leading the way in the Consumer and Education market. But some of you may say ‘What about the business […]

Most Americans Don’t Plan On Using Mobile Payment Systems [SURVEY]


A new study from the University of California, shows that more Americans haven’t warmed up to the idea of using their mobile device for payment processing just quite yet. According to the study, which surveyed 1,203 “adult internet users” in the U.S. (which was funded by Nokia) 74% of those say that they don’t plan on adopting […]

Apple To Enterprise: Put An iPhone In Every Office


As RIM slowly retreats from the consumer phone market, Apple is now positioning their iPhone as the new work phone of choice. Apple has released a new page on its website titled “the best business decision you’ll ever make.” The site features pages on security and enterprise integration, business apps, and the utility of using […]

Best Buy Is Stockpiling Targus iPad 3 Cases For The Upcoming Launch [Rumor]


With the March 7th Apple event later this week we will be seeing if Apple has any new cases to replace their current iPad 2 Smart Cover. In fact, many other third parties have already been working hard in designing and shipping their iPad 3 cases. One of the largest case manufactures, Targus is reportedly shipping […]

Google Finally Adds Pages to Google+


Since the launch of Google+, registration has been limited to personal profiles only. It is easy to make a page for yourself, and connect with other friends of yours, but what if you are a small business, or an organization wanting to have their presence on Google+. Here at, we ran into that problem […]