Co-Founder Of Bungie To Bring New Sci-Fi FPS Game To iOS Called ‘Morning Star’


There’s a new Sci-Fi first person shooter called Morning Star coming to iOS and it looks pretty good to say the least. Why is this game worth your attention? Well, the game is being developed by Industrial Toys, a company founded by the co-founder of Bungie, Alex Seropian. Game developer Bungie has had a lot of […]

Halo 4 Is The ‘Biggest Entertainment Launch Of The Year’, Makes $220 Million On Day One


Halo 4, the latest in the Halo franchise, was released on November 6th for the Xbox 360 by Microsoft Studios and 343 Industries. This is the first Halo game to be developed by 343 Industries, whereas the previous ones were by Bungie. According to a Press Release, Halo 4 has managed $220 Million in first-day sales […]

Here’s Three Minutes Of Fresh Halo 4 Campaign Footage [VIDEO]


There’s only a month and a bit left before the November 6 release of Halo 4, and the inevitable deluge of in-game footage has begun in earnest. Today, we’ve got a few minutes of campaign footage to show you, which gives an interesting look at the oft-ignored single player side of Halo 4. The footage […]

Master Chief Returns With Halo 4 On November 6th


You’ve probably already heard at last year’s E3 that we didn’t finish the fight. Don’t feel too bad. The Halo franchise sold 40 million units worldwide, with Halo 3 alone breaking the all time record for the first day sales launch of a video game. Microsoft was determined not to let their platform-defining series die […]

Halo 4 Will Run On The Xbox 360


The Halo franchise has been one of the most successful and influential console franchises in history. Back on the original Xbox console, Halo 2 revolutionize gaming with its online gameplay through Xbox Live. Many know Bungie has being the makers of many of the Halo related games including Halo CE, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo […]