Apple Watch Hacked: Made To Run A Full Web Browser


And the Apple Watch has been hacked. Famous iOS hacker, Comex, has managed to hack in to the Apple Watch and install a web browser. The first third-party native app on the Watch OS, that’s kind of a big deal. Has Comex achieved an Apple Watch jailbreak? Read on for more details. Although the idea […]

Mozilla Firefox Browser Is Coming To iOS


It is never too late. According to recent chatter by Mozilla people, the company is working on bringing its popular Firefox web browser to iOS. If you’re a fan of the Firefox browser on your Desktop, then you’ll probably be happy to hear this news. What took them so long, you ask? Well, until iOS […]

Procyon Is A Web Browser With An Omnibar, Download Manager, Nitro Built-In, And More [Cydia]


Coolstar, the developer behind the iOSEinstien Newton Emulator for the iPhone, has released a web browser called Procyon (formerly Coolstar Browser) that claims to have all the best features of Mobile Safari, Chrome, and the best browser tweaks combined. Some of the best features include a Google Chrome-like Omnibar, a download manager, Safari’s full Nitro […]

AnyBrowser Cydia Tweak Lets You Access The Internet From Anywhere On iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad


Remember the LockWeb Cydia tweak, which let you browse the web using a fully functional browser from the lockscreen? Well, now there’s another new tweak called AnyBrowser that lets you browse the web from anywhere in iOS as it is a fully featured browser. AnyBrowser is a similar tweak to LockWeb, except that it works […]

WiBlaze 3 Beta Is A Homebrew Browser For iPhone, iPod Touch; iPad Support Coming Soon [Cydia]


We’ve covered previous versions of WiBlaze on in the past. WiBlaze is intended to be a fast and highly compatible web browser for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, intended as a replacement for Safari. The developer, Revblaze, has made the beta version of WiBlaze 3 available for free on Cydia. Unlike some products […]

Open In Chrome Sets Chrome As The Default Browser On iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch [Cydia]


While Chrome has features that make it a compelling alternative browser to Mobile Safari, its stifled by iOS’ lack of native integration with non-default browsers. Even if you prefer Chrome, your iPhone will still open links to Mobile Safari. We recently featured Ryan Petrich’s BrowserChooser as a Cydia tweak which can set Chrome as the […]

Set Your Default iOS Browser As Chrome With BrowserChooser Cydia Tweak


By now, you must have heard about the Google Chrome browser making headlines in the iOS ecosystem. Google announced the availability of its Chrome browser on iOS yesterday at the Google I/O conference. Since then, the app has been downloaded numerous times and has already reached the number one spot in the App Store. Google […]

Use OS X Lion Like Gestures To Navigate Safari On Your iOS Device With Swipe Safari Cydia Tweak


The stock iOS browser, Safari, is nothing great and lacks one too many features. The browsing experience is good, but it’s the changing tabs and other small things that kills it. A new Cydia tweak is here that wants to set things right and make Safari a browser that you’ll like using. Swipe Safari is […]

WiBlaze Lite HD Cydia Browser Is A Faster And More Responsive Alternative To Mobile Safari [iPad]


Looking for an alternative browser to MobileSafari? WiBlaze Lite HD is brand new web browser for the iPad that increase browsing speeds on both HSPA networks and WiFi networks. It had been made clear that the WiBlaze Lite HD Cydia tweak is built for speed and compatibility to give you one of the best browsing […]

iPhone 4S Vs Nokia Lumia 800 Vs Galaxy S II Browser Load Test [Video]


SlashGear has recently shared a video comparing browsing speeds against the upcoming Nokia Lumia 800 Windows smartphone and the Apple iPhone 4S. You can take a look at this browser speed test in the YouTube video embedded below. Note: In order to ensure this was a fair comparison each phone had their cache’s cleared and […]