Apple Watch Hacked: Made To Run A Full Web Browser


And the Apple Watch has been hacked. Famous iOS hacker, Comex, has managed to hack in to the Apple Watch and install a web browser. The first third-party native app on the Watch OS, that’s kind of a big deal. Has Comex achieved an Apple Watch jailbreak? Read on for more details. Although the idea […]

Mozilla Firefox Browser Is Coming To iOS


It is never too late. According to recent chatter by Mozilla people, the company is working on bringing its popular Firefox web browser to iOS. If you’re a fan of the Firefox browser on your Desktop, then you’ll probably be happy to hear this news. What took them so long, you ask? Well, until iOS […]

Instagram Expands To The Web, Lets You View, Like And Comment On Photos From Your Browser


Instagram, the popular mobile photography application is no longer only mobile. Facebook, who bought Instagram last year, have now expanded the app to the web. Yes, you can now view your Instagram feed from your web browser. In a blog post, Instagram’s co-founder Kevin Systrom announced that you can view your Instagram feed on your favorite […]

Internet Explorer 10 Preview Now Available For Windows 7 Users [Download Now]


While Windows 8 users have had their hands on Internet Explorer 10 for a few weeks already, Microsoft is just now getting around to releasing the browser on Windows 7. A preview build is now available from Microsoft’s Test Drive page, and it should be more or less the same as the finalized version that […]

Web Version Of Instagram Profiles Now Available, Looks Like Facebook

Instagram 2.5 icon

Since its launch, one of the things that’s been most conspicuously missing from Instagram is the ability to view people’s profiles on the web. They were viewable from within the app only, so if you wanted to check someone’s profile on a computer, you were out of luck. Thankfully, that’s all about to change, as […]

Firefox 15 Is Now Available To Download For Mac OS X, Windows And Linux [Download Link]


Everyone has their favourite internet browser for multiple reasons. Some people like Google Chrome’s simple design, others like the tab organization of Firefox, and others still like Internet Explorer for some odd reason. The very popular browser, Firefox has been updated to version 15 today which adds a couple new features, but in comparison to other launches, […]

Chrome For iOS Updated With Social Sharing For Web Pages [Download Now]


Google’s Chrome web browser for iOS has been doing pretty well since the day of its launch. Chrome for iOS is much more productive and comes with more features than Safari for iOS. Many iOS users have already replaced their stock browser with Google Chrome. We love it on our desktop, our mobile devices, and […]

Maxthon Web Browser Introduces Tabbed Browsing To The iPhone, Out Chrome’s Chrome

Maxthon Web Browser app icon-ijailbreak

Maxathon is the first web browser I’ve seen on the iPhone that uses Google Chrome-style tabs. It also makes use of a handy shortcut page with an integrated search bar, a functional download manager, and cloud syncing. This is all from an app that’s available within the iTunes App store. Maxathon is a very polished […]

Procyon Is A Web Browser With An Omnibar, Download Manager, Nitro Built-In, And More [Cydia]


Coolstar, the developer behind the iOSEinstien Newton Emulator for the iPhone, has released a web browser called Procyon (formerly Coolstar Browser) that claims to have all the best features of Mobile Safari, Chrome, and the best browser tweaks combined. Some of the best features include a Google Chrome-like Omnibar, a download manager, Safari’s full Nitro […]

AnyBrowser Cydia Tweak Lets You Access The Internet From Anywhere On iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad


Remember the LockWeb Cydia tweak, which let you browse the web using a fully functional browser from the lockscreen? Well, now there’s another new tweak called AnyBrowser that lets you browse the web from anywhere in iOS as it is a fully featured browser. AnyBrowser is a similar tweak to LockWeb, except that it works […]