Apple Loses iPhone Trademark In Brazil


It’s not the first time Apple has found itself in a legal battle over the iPhone brand. Cisco was the first company to sue Apple in 2007 because one of its business phones was also called “iPhone”. Following this, on the 25th of October of last year, a Mexico City court denied an appeal made by Apple, […]

Check Out This New IPHONE Coming All The Way From Brazil And Running Android


Apple’s iPhone is a product and name that’s known to most people around the world. It’s the company’s biggest contribution to the mobile industry. The iPhone started the whole touch-screen revolution, popularized the term app, carried forward the App Store, iTunes Store and all those new touch phones with humongous 5-inch plus screens. There is […]

New Rumor Suggests That Apple iPad Mini Production Has Already Started In Brazil


Here come the iPad Mini rumors, again. A recent report from Fortune, stated that Apple will start sending out invites on October 10th for the iPad Mini event. Now, Macotakara says that Foxconn plants in Brazil have already began production of the rumored 7.85-inch iPad Mini. Foxconn has been investing a lot of time and […]

The iPad Mini To Be Manufactured In Brazil, Will Feature 3G And Will Be As Thin As iPod Touch [Rumor]


Recently iPad Mini rumors have been popping up left-right-and-center, and today another one has surfaced from the Japanese blog Macotakara. Apparently, from a reliable Chinese source, the iPad Mini will be produced in Foxconn’s new facilities in Brazil, and there will be two versions of the iPad Mini available. One will be a Wi-Fi only model and the […]

New iPad (3rd-Gen) Coming To Another 30 Countries This Weekend


The New iPad has been a huge hit across all of its markets, which makes it easy for Apple to want to expand its markets. This May 11th and May 12th, another 30 countries will be able to grab one of these tablets, including Brazil, which is where Apple’s manufacturing partner Foxconn have been increasing […]

Apple Temporarily Stops International New iTunes Match Sign Ups


As Apple began rolling out the iTunes syncing feature using its iCloud service, iTunes Match internationally, we know that even with their new data center, there may be a congestion issue. It looks like that has happened now, as it appears Apple has halted new subscribers sign-up for the iTunes Match service. As this happened with the initial U.S. launch of the […]

The iPhone 4S Will Be Launched In Russia, Brazil And Other Countries Starting December 16th


It is no doubt that the iPhone 4S has turned quite a lot of heads, and there is no question that this is mostly because of Apple’s voice recognition technology Siri. With Siri by the iPhone 4S’ side, upgraded hardware and the usual extraordinary marketing by Apple, it seems like everyone wants one. Now, although […]

A Cheaper iPhone Model To Be Announced October 4th?


Gizmodo may have done it again. Last year Gizmodo got their hands on a lost iPhone 4 prototype, and it looks like this year they may have spoiled yet another surprise for Apple. You see, Gizmodo’s Brazilian brothers managed to get their hands on a few photos of a new iPhone model. These photos were […]