The Buddy, A Crowd-Funded Smart Watch, Will Open Your Eyes To How Useful Such A Device Could Be


It is no question that smart watches and wearable computing is all the craze right now. Just yesterday we showed you a revolutionary armband that allowed you to control technology with the muscles in your arms. Today we are here to show you another Bluetooth smart watch that is currently undergoing development called Buddy. Buddy is […]

Get A ZAGG Bluetooth Keyboard Case For Your iPad Or iPad Mini For 50% Off [Limited Time]

ZAGG iPad Bluetooth Keyobard Sale

Yesterday we talked to you about ZAGG’s new ZRSIX earbuds that come with one unbelievable guarantee — if you have heard better audio quality you can return them and get your money back — and today ZAGG is back with another unbelievable offer if you have an iPad. ZAGG is currently offering select models of […]

Logitech And Belkin Launch New Keyboard Cases For The iPad Mini


Logitech and Belkin have both launched new keyboard cases for the iPad Mini. This isn’t Belkin’s first iPad Mini keyboard case, they had announced one in November last year. Now, both Logitech and Belkin have launched new slim cases for the iPad Mini. First, Logitech launched a brand new keyboard case for the iPad mini called the Logitech […]

iBTPhone Pairs iPad Or iPod Touch With Any Bluetooth Feature Phone To Make Calls, Send Texts [Cydia]


Do you have an iPod Touch and an outdated “feature phone”? Want to send real text messages from your iPad without paying monthly costs to another third party service? Don’t you wish you could just use your old cellphone to tunnel calls to your other devices? The Tweak: iBTPhone is a utility that allows the WiFi […]

Upcoming Apple TV Firmware Update Brings Support For Bluetooth Keyboards


Along with beta testing the iOS 6.1 firmware for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, Apple also is beta testing a new Apple TV firmware that will likely ship alongside iOS 6.1 in the coming weeks. We have already talked about the various changes and new functionality in the iOS 6.1 firmware, like the ability […]

Casio Introduces New G-Shock Smart Watch Compatible With The iPhone


Casio has introduced a new smart-watch in its G-Shock range, which works with your iPhone and alerts you of incoming notifications. This isn’t the first smart-watch that we’ve seen, but it certainly is the most common looking watch that works with the iPhone. The G-Shock GB6900AA uses low power Bluetooth v4.0 to connect your iPhone […]

Car Mode Cydia Tweak Automatically Launches GPS App In Range Of Your Car’s Bluetooth


It’s now possible to set cars to unlock their doors when your cellphone’s in range, so why can’t we set our phones to be the same? Instead of having to manually toggle on Location Services, toggle WiFi Off, and open your preferred turn-by-turn navigation app, and connect to your car’s hands free speaker system–wouldn’t it […]

Apple Patents Hybrid Wireless Earbuds


At the Apple Expo in Paris in 2005, Steve Jobs explained that the iPod would not come with a Bluetooth headset because there were to many issues with the technology: “The problem with Bluetooth headphones is that it’s not just recharging your iPod, you have to recharge your headphones too. People hate it. There are […]

BTC Mouse & Trackpad Cydia Tweak Extends iOS’ Native Bluetooth Stack


If you insist on using a mouse and keyboard with your iPad (or, less likely, your iPhone) you’ve probably heard of BTStack Mouse and BTStack Keyboard. Reaching for a touch screen while typing can be awkward, so mouse support is a huge advantage. The problem with the custom BTStack drivers is that they don’t work […]

Gameloft Introduces The Duo Gamer Controller; Competition For The iControlPad? [VIDEO]


The iPad 3 and iPhone 5 are both backed up with serious graphical hardware, considering how relatively little power both devices consume. Since the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch are popular gaming devices, it was only a matter of time before a developer released physical controls for Apple’s portables. Like the iCade. Okay, maybe another […]