iBTPhone Pairs iPad Or iPod Touch With Any Bluetooth Feature Phone To Make Calls, Send Texts [Cydia]

Do you have an iPod Touch and an outdated “feature phone”? Want to send real text messages from your iPad without paying monthly costs to another third party service? Don’t you wish you could just use your old cellphone to tunnel calls to your other devices? The Tweak: iBTPhone is a utility that allows the WiFi […]

Car Mode Cydia Tweak Automatically Launches GPS App In Range Of Your Car’s Bluetooth

It’s now possible to set cars to unlock their doors when your cellphone’s in range, so why can’t we set our phones to be the same? Instead of having to manually toggle on Location Services, toggle WiFi Off, and open your preferred turn-by-turn navigation app, and connect to your car’s hands free speaker system–wouldn’t it […]

BTC Mouse & Trackpad Cydia Tweak Extends iOS’ Native Bluetooth Stack

If you insist on using a mouse and keyboard with your iPad (or, less likely, your iPhone) you’ve probably heard of BTStack Mouse and BTStack Keyboard. Reaching for a touch screen while typing can be awkward, so mouse support is a huge advantage. The problem with the custom BTStack drivers is that they don’t work […]

WireSiri Allows Siri To Activate Bluetooth, WiFi, Aiplane Mode, Data, And 3G [Cydia Tweak]

SBSettings is neat and all, but can you ask it to turn on WiFi? By default, you have to pull down the SBSettings tab with a gesture and tap on the appropriate button. With WireSiri all you need to do is call Siri up and ask her to turn on or off your wireless services. Now […]

New iOS Bluetooth Toggling App ‘Bluetooth OnOff.’ Skyrockets To The iTunes Top 10 Charts

I was browsing the (Canadian) App Store earlier today and noticed a peculiar application sitting in iTune’s Top Charts at 8th place called Bluetooth OnOff. Given Apple’s history with applications that provide quick access to system functions such as toggling WiFi, Airplane Mode etc. it surprised me that such an application has managed to pass […]

AirBlue Sharing Cydia Tweak Lets You Send Files To Any Device Via Bluetooth

Apple has always limited the Bluetooth functionality on its devices to a great extent. If you’re an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad user, you know what I’m talking about. There’s no way to send files from your iDevice to other devices via Bluetooth, you can only communicate with iDevices. That’s a big restraint that users […]

Bluetooth Service Manager: Enable/Disable Bluetooth Services Such As A2DP, Keyboard and More! [Cydia]

Have you ever wanted to disable the A2DP profile on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad? Thanks to a Cydia application called Bluetooth Service Manager, you can now enable/disable Bluetooth services such as: A2DP, Remote, Keyboard, and Gaming on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. For instance: when you connect a speaker to the iPhone via […]

Share Your iPhone’s GPS Data With A Secondary iPod Touch, iPad Using TryGPSOut

Thanks to a new jailbreak tweak that was recently released into Cydia called TryGPSOut. It is now possible to transmit the iPhone’s GPS data to another iPod Touch or iPad through Bluetooth. Say for example you are going on a roadtrip with a few of your friends and one of your friends has an iPad. You can say […]

Celeste Utility: Transfer Files Through BlueTooth!

Celeste is a brand new BlueTooth File transferring utility that runs on the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad running the iOS 4.2.1 firmware or higher. You can send and receive files from any brand of mobile phone from BlackBerry to Nokia and any computer that supports OBEX BlueTooth file transfers. Celeste really is a very […]

Introducing WeBe++: A BlueTooth Keyboard and Mouse for Windows/MacOSX/Console

Why buy a bluetooth mouse or keyboard, when you can simply use your iPhone or iPodTouch? Today a new bluetooth keyboard/mouse was released into Cydia called WeBe++. This new bluetooth tweak can act as an external keyboard/mouse for your computer or console system. If this is something you would like to use in partner with […]