Bloomberg: Apple Wants To Build An Electric Car By 2020


In the last few weeks, reports of Apple building a car have been all around the internet. It all began when mysterious camera equipped minivans registered to Apple were spotted in the SF Bay Area. Major news outlets such as the Reuters and the WSJ then reported that Apple may indeed be planning on building their own […]

Report: Apple’s iWatch To Run A Full Version Of iOS, Launch Later This Year


Here’s something interesting to begin your Monday with. Apple is currently testing various versions of an iWatch, which are running on a full version of iOS instead of the software on the current iPod Nano. The company wants the iWatch to work perfectly with other iOS devices. This, however, is causing problems with the battery […]

WSJ And Bloomberg Also Report New Cheaper iPhone Coming In Late 2013


Yesterday, DigiTimes reported that Apple will be coming out with a new cheaper low-end version of the iPhone later this year. Now, major publications such as The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg are also reporting the same. Late yesterday, the Wall Street Journal chimed in on the ‘iPhone mini’ rumors and reported that Apple is […]

The Next-Gen Xbox Should Arrive For The 2013 Holiday Season, Bloomberg Confirms


The prevailing wisdom these days is that the next generation of home consoles from Microsoft and Sony should arrive in time for next year’s holiday shopping season. Sales figures of the current gen hardware are beginning to stagnate, major developers are switching over to next-gen development, and leaked dev kits are doing the rounds online. […]

Bloomberg Also Reports New iPad Mini Coming This October, With 7-8 Inch Non-Retina Display


Google’s Nexus 7 tablet will definitely gain tablet market share if Apple doesn’t do something soon. The iPad is currently leading the tablet market with over a 60% of share, however, when it comes to smaller and cheaper tablet devices, Apple currently has no device. An iPad Mini would really help and probably kill Google […]

Yelp Integration Coming To Maps Application In iOS 6 [Report]

yelp iOS 6 Maps

If you didn’t know yet, iOS 6 is getting a new Maps app, complete with turn-by-turn navigation, an all new 3D service and Flyover. Currently, Maps is still in beta and will get many improvements and features before being released to the public later this year. The app may also be getting a built in […]

Next iPhone To Have Bigger Screen, According To Bloomberg Sources


On Wednesday an article in the Wall Street Journal claimed that Apple’s upcoming iPhone would have a larger screen, citing “people familiar with the matter.” Yesterday evening Bloomberg released a report of their own which seems to confirm that story, citing “three people with knowledge of the plans.” Who are these people, and how did they […]

Apple CEO Tim Cook Meets With John Boehner On Capitol Hill [Photograph]


What does Apple CEO Tim Cook have in common with Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner? They were seen in a photograph together in the US capitol, which was taken by Boehner’s staff assistant Heather Reed and put up on Boehner’s Flickr account (SpeakerBoehner). While the photographs don’t go into specifics on what policy […]

iPad 3 Production Ramping Up For March Launch [Rumor]


Bloomberg has reported that Apple’s next generation tablet, the iPad 3 has entered final production which is on track for a March launch. The report claims that the new iPad will feature many rumored features including a higher-resolution display (Retina display), quad-core processor and the ability to connect to LTE networks. We have seen a reference to […]

New iPhone Nano: Cheaper And Smaller! (First Details)


The iPhone is probably the greatest phone to date, and yet the thinnest. Now, Apple will try to top themselves in their upcoming release…a smaller iPhone. Yes, as if the 4.5 by 2.3 inches of the iPhone 4 was not small enough, those who feel it is massive can no longer complain. The ‘iPhone Nano’ […]