You Can Now Trade-In Your Android, BlackBerry Or Windows Phone For An iPhone

Apple will not let you trade-in your old Android, BlackBerry or Windows Phone smartphone for a brand new iPhone. The company has now added select non-iPhones, or other smartphones, to their Reuse and Recycle Program. You cannot trade just any smartphone though, as Apple has added only a select number of smartphones to the program. […]

Is The BlackBerry Z10 Worth It?

As many of you will know, BlackBerry 10, the much anticipated new operating system for the Canadian company BlackBerry, was released just over a week ago. At the event, two phones were unveiled: The full touchscreen Z10 smartphone, and the the touch and type Q10 smartphone, with a QUERTY keyboard. The Z10 went on sale […]

BlackBerry Z10 Pit Against Apple iPhone 5, Performs Quite Well [VIDEO]

RIM is all set to announce its latest BlackBerry OS 10 and new devices running BB10 later this month. The company has been in the turmoil lately, but with BlackBerry 10 and the new devices, things are about to change for them. How does the BlackBerry Z10 running a test build of BB10 perform against […]

Like BlackBerry 10’s Keyboard? Get The Octopus Keyboard Now For The iPhone [Cydia]

While RIM’s future is looking a little dicey, the Canadian company did introduce an interesting predictive typing feature into the BlackBerry 10’s keyboard. As you type, suggestions appear in the spaces above keys. If you want to select these suggested words, just swipe up over a letter, and they will be inserted into the text. […]

Fix Dingleberry Mac OS X Missing Library Errors With Dingleberry 3.01

A few minutes ago we told you that Dingleberry 3.0 was released for Mac OS X and Windows. Now the developers have noted that they have updated Dingleberry to version 3.01 to fix bugs and Mac OS X errors relating to missing libraries. In case you missed our last post, with Dingleberry 3.01 you can easily Jailbreak your Blackberry Playbook and […]

Download Dingleberry 3.0 For Mac OS X, Windows To Jailbreak Blackberry Playbook

Back in 2011 the very first Blackberry Playbook Jailbreak was released in the form of Dingleberry. As it has been quite some time since we have updated you on the Blackberry Playbook Jailbreak we thought today would be a good time to do just this. One of the developers of the Dingleberry Jailbreaking tool has […]

Download DingleBerry Beta 0.5.1 Tool To Jailbreak The BlackBerry Playbook

Last week we told you that the BlackBerry Playbook was Jailbroken. We also told you that the developers of the BlackBerry Playbook Jailbreak would release a Jailbreaking tool called DingleBerry to allow the public to Jailbreak their Playbook. If you were one of the individuals patiently waiting for the BlackBerry Playbook Jailbreak, then you will […]

iPhone iOS 5 VS Android Gingerbread, WP7 Mango And BlackBerry 7

With the launch of iOS 5 which boasts over 200 new features, the iPhone has almost been reinvented into a brand new smartphone. Many features that were originally considered lacking in the iPhone but available in Android, WP7 and BlackBerry OS, have all been added in one release. PCMag has put together a great little […]