You Can Now Trade-In Your Android, BlackBerry Or Windows Phone For An iPhone


Apple will not let you trade-in your old Android, BlackBerry or Windows Phone smartphone for a brand new iPhone. The company has now added select non-iPhones, or other smartphones, to their Reuse and Recycle Program. You cannot trade just any smartphone though, as Apple has added only a select number of smartphones to the program. […]

Download BBM For iOS / Android And Bypass The Waiting List

BBM Wait List

If you haven’t already be sure to download BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) for iOS and Android. BlackBerry rolled out its official BBM app after some delays two days ago and in the first 24 hours of its availability it was downloaded more than 10 million times. Welcome BBM for #Android & #iPhone users! More than 10 […]

BlackBerry Confirms BBM Coming To iOS App Store On September 22nd, Play Store Tomorrow


Finally, here’s some good news for users who have been wanting to throw their BlackBerry devices and switch to iOS or Android, but were held back by BBM. The official Twitter handle for BlackBerry just confirmed that BBM for Android will be available in the Play Store tomorrow and iOS App Store on September 22nd. […]

BlackBerry Messenger Beta For iOS And Android Available In The BlackBerry Beta Zone


BlackBerry Messenger is going to be coming to iOS and Android before September 22nd and as such the application itself is likely nearing completion considering it is already August. Ever since BlackBerry Messenger for iOS and Android was announced BlackBerry remained pretty quite about the whole thing… until now. The Canadian company has just begun […]

BlackBerry Messenger Will Not Be Available On The iPad Initially


Earlier this week we announced that BlackBerry Messenger would be coming to both iOS and Android, but if you anticipated being able to us BBM on your iPad you will likely be disappointed. The folks over at Trusted Reviews have figured out that when BlackBerry launches BBM for iOS it will only be for iPhone […]

BlackBerry Announces That BBM Will Be Available On Both iOS And Android This Summer


Today we have some exciting news for those of you with friends who have BlackBerry smartphones or those who previously had a BlackBerry smartphone and miss BBM (BlackBerry Messenger). Today BlackBerry, formally known as RIM, announced that they would be releasing BBM on both iOS and Android in the Summer for free. This is a […]

Here’s How To Preview BlackBerry 10 On Your iPhone Or Android Smartphone


BlackBerry, formally known as Research In Motion, has definitely managed to make a dent in the smartphone market with its new BlackBerry 10 handsets. The new BB10 operating system has a lot of unique features and stands out from the crowd. In fact, in case you didn’t catch the great news, BlackBerry actually posted its […]

Apparently, BlackBerry Z10 Is Outselling iPhone 5 And Samsung Galaxy S3 In Canada


BlackBerry launched the Z10 last month with efforts to come back into the smartphone race. It didn’t really do much, but it was definitely a step up from previous BlackBerry 7 devices. However, according to a major retailer in Canada, the BlackBerry Z10 outsold the iPhone 5 and the Galaxy S3. The Globe and Mail […]

Is The BlackBerry Z10 Worth It?

BlackBerry Z10

As many of you will know, BlackBerry 10, the much anticipated new operating system for the Canadian company BlackBerry, was released just over a week ago. At the event, two phones were unveiled: The full touchscreen Z10 smartphone, and the the touch and type Q10 smartphone, with a QUERTY keyboard. The Z10 went on sale […]

BlackBerry Z10 Smartphone Announced, Q10 To Come Later

BlackBerry Z10 Smartphone

BlackBerry™ have finally released the phone that has the power to save them, the BlackBerry Z10. But only in the UK it seems, starting on the 31st of January. US is to receive BlackBerry’s new handset in March. It is an unusual choice, as the US has a bigger market and population! But nevertheless, BlackBerry have decided to […]