Logitech And Belkin Launch New Keyboard Cases For The iPad Mini


Logitech and Belkin have both launched new keyboard cases for the iPad Mini. This isn’t Belkin’s first iPad Mini keyboard case, they had announced one in November last year. Now, both Logitech and Belkin have launched new slim cases for the iPad Mini. First, Logitech launched a brand new keyboard case for the iPad mini called the Logitech […]

Belkin Announces New Handheld Home Theater For iPad, Calls It Thunderstorm [IMAGES]


The Consumer Electronics Show is in full swing at Las Vegas and a lot of new cool things are being announced. One such product is a Handheld Home Theater from Belkin. It attaches to your Apple iPad as a case and gives it louder speakers. Belkin is calling this new Handheld Home Theater case Thunderstorm, which […]

The iPad Mini Gets A Brand New Keyboard Case From Belkin


Belkin’s popular bluetooth keyboard case for the iPad is now available for the new iPad Mini as well. Of course, it is a scaled down version of the case and fits, protects and gives the iPad Mini a keyboard. The Belkin Portable Keyboard Case does not just provide great protection with a slim design, but also […]

Belkin Announces New Accessories For Apple’s Lightning Connector


Apple’s event in October had some surprises, such as the iPad 4, and some other predicted but unwelcome changes, including the introduction of the new Lightning connector. While this connector has its benefits, there are not many third-party accessories using it on the market right now. Belkin, one of the largest manufacturers of accessories for numerous devices […]

Could The Next Generation iPad Be Called The iPad HD?


With the next generation iPad being set for release in only 4 days there are rumors flying left-right-and-center about features, what it will be called and everything in between. Today’s rumor has to do with what the next generation iPad will be called. While a lot of people maintain the understanding that it will be […]

Belkin Showcases Thunderbolt Dock


If you have heard about Belkin and their supposedly Thunderbolt Express Docking station, it is because you have. They initially unveiled this product back in September of last year at the Intel Developer Forum, but then it seemed to disappear. Well it is back at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and this time […]