Auxo 3 For iOS 8 Now Available In Cydia


As predicted, Auxo 3 is now available for download from the Cydia Store. Auxo is a tweak that adds some cool multitasking features to iOS and makes switching apps etc much easier. Auxo 3 is the newest iteration of the tweak and brings iOS 8 compatibility and some new features. The tweak has three important features, […]

Auxo 2 Cydia Tweak Is Now Available For Download


As promised, A3 Tweaks has released their Auxo 2 tweak in the Cydia Store earlier today. Auxo 2 is an upgrade to Auxo, but has been completely rebuilt for iOS 7. This is perhaps the best Cydia tweak out there and it gets better with Auxo 2. Auxo 2 includes three core features namely, Multi-Center, […]

Auxo For iPad Cydia Tweak Review [Video]

Yesterday we reported that Auxo for iPad was released and this morning I dove into the tweak to actually review it and see whether or not it can live up to the reputation of its older brother on the iPhone and iPod Touch. Auxo for iPad is just how you would expect it to be. […]

Why I Uninstalled Auxo And What I Replaced It With


Auxo is without a doubt probably one of the most popular Cydia tweaks in a long time to come about and for awhile I was all for the tweak. After restoring to iOS 6.1.2 to take advantage of the last Untethered Jailbreak however, I decided not to install Auxo… and here’s why. For those of […]

Auxo Brings Sentry’s Switcher Concept to Life On iPhone / iPod Touch In iOS 6; Support For iOS 5, iPad Coming Soon

swipe to clear

Back in October, we saw a concept for an improved app switcher that would take advantage of the iPhone 5’s taller screen. The additional space could allow for more than just icons, it could be used to include preview screenshots, an expanded media player, and toggles for wireless radios. The Tweak: The concept is now a […]