Jobs Biopic Starring Ashton Kutcher Flops at The Box Office

Jobs Review

We have covered the Jobs movie starring Ashton Kutcher many times here on iJailbreak and if you have been following along you would have realized that it hit theatres over the weekend. Unfortunately, however, the movie didn’t do very well at the box office and placed seventh. It brought in just under $7 million domestically, which is one […]

Ashton Kutcher Reflects On The Death Of Steve Jobs In This Interview [VIDEO]

Ashton Kutcher Interview JOBS

Ashton Kutcher was the star in JOBS, a biopic about Steve Jobs, that will be hitting cinemas August 16th. In a recent interview on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno Kutcher revealed how he actually passed up an opportunity to meet “the Leonardo da Vinci of our generation” about 6 months before his passing. In the interview Kutcher […]

The First Official ‘Jobs’ Trailer Staring Ashton Kutcher Is Released, Watch It Now


We previously told you that the Steve Jobs biopic staring Ashton Kutcher, entitled “Jobs”, would be hitting theatres August 16th. With that date rapidly approaching the first official trailer for the movie has been released by Open Road Films and it definitely does a good job at hyping up the movie. The movie was originally slated for a release […]

JOBS Staring Ashton Kutcher Will Be Hitting Cinemas This August

The Steve Jobs biopic staring Ashton Kutcher in the lead role premiered at the Sundance Film Festival this year and it garnered some mixed reviews. The movie was originally expected to be hitting Cinemas after the premiere sometime in April, but it was then delayed so that its distributor Open Road Films could spend more […]

JOBS Biopic Reviews Are In After Premiering At The Sundance Film Festival

We talked about the upcoming Steve Jobs biopic, titled JOBS, quite a bit leading up to its premiere at the Sundance film festival, and now that the film has indeed been shown reviews are starting to pour in throughout the web. JOBS shouldn’t be confused with the high-budget version Sony is working on, rather JOBS […]

Ashton Kutcher, Josh Gad, Will.I.Am To Take Stage At Macworld/iWorld 2013


This years Macworld/iWorld conference will kick start on January 31st at the Moscone West Hall in San Francisco. MacWorld, now known as Macworld/iWorld, is the biggest Apple fan event ever, so if you love your Apple products, you have to go. To make this year special the organizers have asked Ashton Kutcher and Josh Gad, who […]

More Photos Of Ashton Kutcher As Steve Jobs In Biopic ‘jOBS’ Surface


Steve Jobs’ biopic ‘jOBS’, starring Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs and Josh Gad as Steve Wozniak, is set to premier during Sundance Film Festival later this month. However, photos from the set and the movie have been surfacing on the internet. USA Today has some more photos to offer from the movie. The movie is directed […]

jOBS Biopic Staring Ashton Kutcher Will Be Coming To Theatres In April

Last year we told you that the Steve Jobs biopic called jOBS, staring Ashton Kutcher, would be premiering at the Sundance film festival. This is not to be confused with the other Steve Jobs film being produced by Sony. At the time we weren’t sure whether or not jOBS would make in appearance in other theatres, […]

Check Out What Ashton Kutcher Looks Like As Steve Jobs After His Return To Apple


In the Steve Jobs biopic ‘JOBS’, Ashton Kutcher will be playing the Apple CEO. The movie is based on Steve Jobs life from the year 1997 to 2000. We’ve already seen pictures of what Ashton looks like playing Steve Jobs in his early days, before being thrown out of his own company. Now, more pictures […]

Ashton Kutcher Will Be Portraying An LSD-Tripping Steve Jobs [IMAGES]


An upcoming biopic about the late Apple founder, called Jobs: Get Inspired, will star Ashton Kutcher as Jobs. Some new photos from the production as reported by Premiere, which began shooting this May, show Kutcher reenacting Jobs’ younger years as a LSD-dropping hippy. It’s no secret to most Apple fans that Jobs lived a colourful life in […]