New iPad To Be Available In 12 More Countries On April 20 And 9 More On April 27


The new iPad, despite its weird name, is doing very well and has showed record number of sales in the first few days after launch. It’s been a month since Apple launched the new iPad in the United States and now it’s ready to be available in even more countries. Apple has just released a […]

Get Up To 15% Off And Free Shipping From OtterBox [Shop Now]


OtterBox is by far my favourite case manufacturing company because of their high-quality products! OtterBox not only offers high-quality products they posses a range of cases that fit a variety of different tastes and lifestyles. With quality materials, coupled with patented technology to protect your smartphone or tablet, OtterBox is a clear choice when shopping […]

AT&T Will Unlock Your iPhone Starting This Sunday Due To Complaints


According to 9to5Mac AT&T is currently facing a lot of heat from customers who have used up their service contract and want to go elsewhere. This is because up until now AT&T has not allowed customers to unlock their iPhone. Starting this Sunday however, this is all about to change as AT&T have actually announced they […]

AT&T Will Begin Expanding 4G LTE On April 8th


We told you earlier that AT&T will be upgrading their system in 12 markets to the newest 4G LTE frequency. Well it looks like some of those will be getting that beginning April 8th. Sadly it is not a large number of them. Of the mentioned 12 markets, only three will be seeing upgrades to […]

Is The Sprint Samsung Galaxy Nexus Coming On April 22?


Good news for Sprint users looking to get their hands on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus has leaked today! According to the Verge, Sprint users may not have much longer to wait to be able to purchase the anticipated Samsung Galaxy Nexus. An anonymous Walmart employee sent in a document showing that the Galaxy Nexus is […]

Reports Confirm That Samsung Galaxy S III Will Launch In April 2012


According to new reports from ZDNetKorea, Samsung will be launching their most awaited handset of the year in April. The Galaxy S III is what we’re talking about, the next generation galaxy phone from the Korean mobile giant. Samsung clearly refused that they won’t be releasing the phone anytime soon, but this new report says […]

My Top Cydia Tweaks And Applications For iPhone, iPod Touch And iPad [April Update]


Now I’m sure if you Google ‘top Cydia tweaks,’ a million articles will come up, all relatively saying the same thing. Well, the fact is today I want to share MY top favorite tweaks and hopefully help anyone looking to mod their device to the best of their ability. You’ve probably heard of most of […]

Cydia Now Features a “Twitter Quick Bar” [#DickBar]


Well folks I will keep this short but it appears as if Saurik has added a “Twitter Quick Bar” into the Timeline Tab (formally known as the changes tab). Why Saurik did this is unknown at the moment, but I am sure this is going to not be appreciated by many. Considering that Twitter recently […]