Mac App Store Reaches 10000 App Milestone


Apple hasn’t made an announcement yet, but the fine folks at Mac Generation queried Apple’s database and found that their Mac App Store had surpassed 10,000 apps available to download (en français). In December Apple announced in a press release that over 100 million apps had been downloaded from their App Store for Mac OSX […]

Time Off For iOS Makes It Easy To Organize Your Job’s Days Of Absence [Review]


Knowing how many days you have available to book off from your one job, or numerous jobs is important. Knowing how many “sick” days you can squeeze out, or vacation days rollover to the next year. While some of us are proficient when it comes to remembering when we used one, and how many we have, others […]

FingerLaser Offers A Fun, Awesome Laser Experience On iOS [Review]

FingerLaser logo

We all love to shoot things with lasers, and the people over at Wei-Ting Wang have made a game that is just that. FingerLaser for iOS is a game in which you drag your fingers across the screen to direct a laser. This laser is meant to destroy falling shapes. The tough part of it […]

What’s Your Favourite Christmas iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Application On The AppStore?

white_iphone_Christmas_icon knows that with Christmas up and coming, everyone is busy running around getting gifts and hopefully enjoying this festive time. Even if you are not yet in the Christmas mood, what better way to help bring on the Christmas spirit than to venture into some Christmas applications on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. With […]

Love To See Your Family Tree, Ancestry Beta Now Available For Android


Ancestry has been the number one place to find, and build your family tree for years. Today the subscribers gain another way to access their family tree on their Android phones, as the first beta version has been released. Now, why would you need this on your phone, is a question I honestly don’t know […]

Android Market App 3.3.11 Update Brings Welcomed Features [Download APK]


It appears that a new version of the Android Market will be released soon. This new release will bring the market up to version 3.3.11 and contains a whole basket full of new, and very welcomed, features: New setting: Auto update apps (an easy way to keep all apps auto-updated, yay!) New setting: Update over […]

Angry Birds Hits Half A Billion Downloads [VIDEO]


Game maker, Rovio, announced that today they broke the 500 million download mark for their Angry Birds game. This includes downloads of all versions of the popular game across all of the available platforms, Android, iOS, WebOS, Mac OS X, PC, and Chrome web-based applications. This milestone makes Angry Birds one of the most downloaded […]

Download Facebook Messenger 1.5 App For The iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad


Facebook has just updated their official Facebook Messenger app to be compatible with the iOS 5 firmware and of course to fix some bugs/increase performance. In case you have not heard of the Facebook Messenger app, it is an application that Facebook released back in August to separate the messaging aspect of Facebook into a […]

Vlingo: A Siri Alternative For iPhone, iPod Touch And iPad [App Store Application]


As announced in ‘Lets Talk iPhone’, only the iPhone 4S will have Siri. For those who don’t know what Siri is, it’s a voice recognition/assistant app that replaces the not-so-great Voice Control currently on the iOS Devices. Fortunately, we have the guys at iH8Sn0w working on a port for the other devices. If you’re impatient […]

Charlie Sheen Winning Pong For iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad [Cydia Game]


Have you ever wanted to beat Charlie Sheen at a game of Pong? Well, now you can with the Charlie Sheen Winning Pong Cydia game. Be the first to eleven points and you can brag to your friends about beating Charlie Sheen! If you are interested in Charlie Sheen Winning Pong you can find it through […]