How To: Jailbreak Apple TV Untethered 4.4.4 (9A406a) Firmware With Seas0nPass [Windows]


The moment you have all been waiting for is finally here! You can now Jailbreak the Apple TV 2G running the 4.4.4 firmware Untethered using Seas0nPass for Windows. This is because the FireCore Dev-Team have recently updated Seas0nPass to provide support for Jailbreaking the Apple TV 2G Untethered running the 4.4.4 firmware. Thus, in this […]

FireCore Update Seas0nPass For Untethered 4.4.4 Apple TV 2G Jailbreak, Download Now!


The FireCore Dev-Team have just tweeted that they have updated Seas0nPass To Jailbreak the Apple TV 2G Untethered running the latest 4.4.4 firmware. This Apple TV 2G 4.4.4 Untethered Jailbreak is available right now and is thanks to Pod2G’s Untethered iOS 5.0.1 Untethered exploit that has been integrated into Jailbreaking tool such as RedSn0w 0.9.10b3, […]