Fake Seas0nPass For Apple TV 3 And 5.1 Firmware Posted On Blogspot–If It’s Not From FireCore’s Site, It’s Not Seas0nPass


Here’s a tip all our readers should know: Seas0nPass is the name of a free jailbreak published by FireCore and the developers behind aTV Flash. If you see someone who claims they developed Seas0nPass and they posted the link on blogspot instead of FireCore’s actual site—where you can get all existing copies of Seas0nPass for […]

FireCore Give A Detailed Update On The State Of The Apple TV 3 Jailbreak…Disappointing


FireCore has finally released an official statement regarding the Apple TV 3 Jailbreak, which essentially can be dumbed down to “we don’t have the expertise to Jailbreak it.” This really doesn’t come as a surprise considering there are only a handful of people in the world with the knowledge to exploit iOS, and the ones […]

NitoTV Talks About The 1080p Apple TV Jailbreak At JailbreakCon 2012


NitoTV walked off the stage not too long ago at JailbreakCon 2012 and for those who have not been following along with our liveblog, we want to bring to your attention some updates with the status of the 1080p Apple TV 3 Jailbreak. Unfortunately, just like the iOS 6 and iPhone 5, no Jailbreak was demoed […]

Third-Generation 1080p Apple TV Deemed Not Impossible To Jailbreak By P0sixninja


Near the end of July we told you about what seemed like a conspiracy theory involving P0sixninja and a “former” Apple employee to destroy an exploit to had the potential to Jailbreak all iOS devices on the iOS 6 firmware untethered. This whole ordeal stemmed from P0sixninja tweeting he was no longer associated with Chronic-Dev and that […]

Status Of The Apple TV 3 Jailbreak According To Pod2g


If you’ve been waiting for the Apple TV 3’s jailbreak, don’t hold your breath. According to a recent post from Pod2g, the project has been abandoned. The post says that Pod2g is not currently working on the project, nor is anyone he’s aware of. This means that homebrew software like third-party plugins, interface overhauls, and […]

New Remote Functionality In iOS 6 For Apple TV [VIDEO]


A tipster over at Brazilian tech site macmagazine.com.br has noticed that iOS 6 changes the button functions of the Apple TV remote. Holding the center button will now allow you to rearrange icons, rather than turning the device off as it did in previous OS versions. Check out the video confirmation after the jump. Have you […]

Fake 1080p Apple TV 3G Jailbreak Surfaces In Form Of Seas0nPass [Do Not Be Fooled]


It is no doubt the new 1080p Apple TV 3G has pleased those searching for a full HD media streaming solution from Apple. The only individuals who are not as pleased with the Apple TV 3G are those who thought a Jailbreak would follow shortly after its release. With Pod2G releasing the iOS 5.1.1 Untethered […]

Pod2G: 1080p Apple TV Jailbreak Would Work If There Was A Way To Inject The Files


A few days ago we told you that Pod2G successfully Jailbroke all iOS devices including the iPhone 4S and the new iPad Untethered on the iOS 5.1.1 firmware. The only iOS device that was not currently Jailbroken was the new 1080p Apple TV (Apple TV 3G). This is because the surface area to exploit on the new 1080p […]

Will There Ever Be A 1080p Apple TV Jailbreak? NitoTV Hacker Doesn’t Think So…


Yesterday we told you that Chronic-Dev wrote a large blog post talking about various things relating to Apple and the Apple TV. This included a more in-depth explanation on why the new 1080p Apple TV would be the hardest iOS device to Jailbreak. If you read this post you would have realized that because there is no […]

A Better Explanation On Why The New 1080p Apple TV Will Be So Hard To Jailbreak


When we first told you that the 1080p Apple TV would be harder to Jailbreak than the new iPad (iPad 3) we did not have much to go on besides the attack surface was much smaller. This is quite an obvious fact because the Apple TV 3G does not feature a stock web browser, and there […]