Rovio Has Released Angry Birds Star Wars II, Get Downloading


Rovio has finally released the sequel to their very popular game Angry Birds Star Wars. The second installment of Angry Birds Star Wars went live on the App Store yesterday, but we were too busy with all of the iOS 7 news to think about games. Angry Birds Star Wars II has plenty of new […]

Rovio Releases Two New Angry Birds Star Wars II Clips And Announces The Official Release Date


Back in the middle of July we told you that Rovio would be releasing a sequel to Angry Birds StarWars that would include TELEPODS figures thanks to a partnership with Hasbro. Upon placing one of these figures on your iPhone or iPad’s camera it will scan the character into the game, allowing you to select new characters […]

Rovio Announces Angry Birds Star Wars II With TELEPODS

Angry Birds Start Wars II

In case you missed the announcement yesterday, Rovio has announced Angry Birds Star Wars II which will be dropping September 19th worldwide. According to the official Angry Birds blog the new game will tackle the prequels and there will be over 30 Angry Birds Star Wars characters you can play. Something unique that Angry Birds will […]

Angry Birds Star Wars “Escape From Hoth” Update Released With 22 New Levels

Angry Birds Star Wars is probably one of my all time personal favourite Angry Birds titles. Although a lot of people think the franchise is getting too repetitive, I thought the Star Wars variation was a nice refresher for the game. Today Rovio has pushed an update for the game called “Escape from Hoth” that […]

Rovio Announces The Next Level Of Angry Birds Star Wars–Episode V: Hoth


Angry Birds Star Wars has been out for a few weeks, and Rovio is already teasing their first new episode, “Episode V: Hoth.” The promotional video shows human rebel troops spying on pig-like AT-AT walkers, which–it turns out–aren’t so graceful on ice. Along with the video is teaser text: “Will there be AT-AT walkers?! Can […]

Angry Birds Star Wars Now Available For Download On iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8, Kindle, Mac And PC [Direct Links]


Rovio’s much anticipated game, Angry Birds Star Wars, has finally been released. As promised, the Finnish developer has released the latest Angry Birds Star Wars game on a wide range of platforms. In collaboration with Lucas Film, Angry Birds Star Wars brings the legendary characters from ‘Star Wars’ to the game we all love. The Angry Birds […]

Rovio Releases Angry Birds Star Wars Official Gameplay Trailer [VIDEO]


As promised, Rovio has released an official gameplay trailer for the upcoming Angry Birds Star Wars mobile game. So far they have been releasing short trailers featuring all the new characters in the game. Finally, they have compiled a longer video that includes all the new characters with more gameplay footage. This is probably the last […]

New Angry Birds Star Wars Gameplay Trailer Featuring Obi Wan And Darth Vader [VIDEO]


Yup, another trailer has been released for Angry Birds Star Wars, showing some more gameplay. This time, Rovio has featured Darth Vader and Obi Wan in the new video. We’ve been seeing a lot of these new trailers, featuring angry birds and pigs dressed as Star Wars characters. Each new video revealed the powers of […]

New Angry Birds Star Wars Trailer Featuring Han Solo And Chewie [VIDEO]


The new addition to Rovio’s Angry Birds collection is coming next week. Rovio has been releasing new trailers for their new game, Angry Birds Star Wars, for the last few days. They’ve released another new video that features Han Solo, Chewie and teases us with a little more gameplay. Angry Birds Star Wars’ new trailer […]

Rovio Releases Second Gameplay Trailer For Angry Birds Star Wars Featuring R2-D2 And C-3PO [VIDEO]


As part of their Angry Birds Star Wars promotion videos, Rovio has released another new video that reveals more characters. Just one day ago, the Finnish developer revealed the Angry Birds Star Wars gameplay footage with characters Luke and Princess Leia. Today, it’s Star Wars characters R2-D2 and C-3PO. The new trailer also reveals more […]