Two Free Cydia Tweaks To Try: Flusterless And Awake Speech

Flusterless And Awake Speech Cydia Tweaks iJailbreak

Here are two free Cydia tweaks that can improve your iOS experience. The first one’s called Flusterless and this tweak adds an easy to use Do Not Disturb toggle on the lockscreen. The second, called Awake Speech, can read out custom text that you want to hear when your alarm goes off. Both of these […]

Anti Theft [Cydia App] Introduces Alarms For Motion Detector, Pocket/Bag Detector, And Power Detector For iPhone And iPod Touch


Though we recently published a toolkit list of 5 essential tweaks for improving security on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, new tweaks and plugins are released every day by modders who want to have more control over the security on their devices. The App: Anti Theft is a security tweak that can enable alarms […]

MyAlarm Cydia Tweak Lets You Use Any Song From The Music App For Alarms


Love that new song you just heard? Want to use it as your alarm tone? Well, if you’re an iOS user unfortunately you can’t really do that! Setting a song from the Music app as an Alarm tone, or a Ringtone for that matter, isn’t possible in iOS. It’s just one of Apple’s limitations. That’s […]

Wake With Weather Has Siri Read Your Forecast After The Alarm Goes Off [Cydia Tweak]


Siri’s droning, robotic voice wouldn’t be not enough to jolt me to consciousness, at least not on schedule, but if you aren’t the sort of person who gets out of bed, slams the snooze button, and goes right back to sleep, Wake With Weather gives your iPhone something more useful to do than beep at […]

The Day Maker Is An Alarm Clock For The iPhone That Looks Like a Toaster [KickStarter]


I have been conditioned to hate conventional alarm clocks. Back when I was in residence, I lived next door to our designated “adult supervision,” and the guy frequently left his alarm clock when he stayed at his girlfriend’s apartment. The alarm clock never shut off. Me and my roommate would spend our Saturdays listening to […]

MathAlarm Plus Cydia Tweak Forces You To Answer A Math Question To Snooze Or Deactivate Alarm


The MathAlarm Plus Cydia tweak allows you to awake to arithmetic to sharpen your math skills, while forcing you to wake up and answer an arithmetic question before your alarm with turn off. This means you will no longer be able to just hit the snooze button and go back to sleep, you will be […]

iPhone Clock Bug, The Usual: Affects Early iOS Versions


Like usual, the iPhone’s having the yearly clock bug issue again. If you’ve owned a iPhone for more than a year, you probably already know about this. It happened the same in 2011. What happened, was a whole load of iPhone users were having issues with the ‘alarm clock’ feature on their device, mainly the issue where […]

SnoozeOrStop Cydia Tweak: Stop Alarm Directly From Notification [VIDEO]


The SnoozeOrStop Cydia tweak will allow you to stop the alarm directly from the notification on your lockscreen or from wherever you are on your iDevice. This can be useful as you no longer have to directly go into the to turn off the alarm. Mind you, this tweak can also be dangerous if […]

PlayAwake: Use your own music as alarm sound!


Have you ever wished that you could wake up to your favorite music? If so, we have the perfect tweak for you! PlayAwake allows you to use your own music as the alarm sound on your iDevice. As many of you probably are, I am pretty tired of the default sounds on my iPod touch so […]

PlayAwake – Play iPod Music As Alarm Clock Sound


PlayAwake, developed by Hanene Samara, is a useful tweak in Cydia that allows you to use iPod music as alarm clock sound. The tweak fully integrates seamlessly into the so instead of choosing the default alarm clock sound choices, you can pick a track from your iDevices music library and wake up listening to […]