Microsoft Pokes Fun At Apple’s Siri In New Cortana Ad [VIDEO]

Siri vs. Cortana

Earlier today, Microsoft aired a new commercial for their Windows Phone virtual assistant called Cortana. The company announced Cortana at the Build 2014 conference in April as an answer to Apple’s Siri. According to them, Cortana is much better than Siri at accomplishing various tasks. In the new TV ad, Microsoft’s Cortana is compared to Apple’s Siri [...]

Samsung Points Out That Bigger Screens Are Already Here In New Ad [VIDEO]

Galaxy-s5-iphone-6-Screen Envy

Samsung has been posting back to back ads about their products being better than Apple’s. Today, the company has released another ad where they’re claiming that the Galaxy S5 is better than the rumored iPhone 6 because it already has a bigger screen. Apple users have been waiting a long time for the iPhone to get a [...]

Samsung’s New Galaxy Tab S Ads Point Out How iPad Lacks Good Screen And Multitasking


Samsung released two new TV ads for their Galaxy Tab S yesterday and also pointed how the iPad lacks a good display and true multitasking. This isn’t the first time that Samsung has compared their tablets to the iPad and its lack of multitasking or an AMOLED display. Just last week, Samsung posted an ad [...]

Samsung Makes Fun Of iPhone’s Battery Life In New TV Ad, Calls iPhone Users ‘Wall Huggers’ [VIDEO]


Samsung published a new ad on their YouTube channel yesterday titled ‘Wall Huggers’. The ad is basically about how the Galaxy S5 can be given a prolonged battery life by changing its battery. The Galaxy S5, like all its predecessors, has a removable back cover and a replaceable battery. The ad makes fun of iPhone [...]

Apple’s New iPhone 5s TV Ad ‘Parenthood’ Is For The Parents [VIDEO]


Apple has posted a new iPhone 5s commercial on their YouTube channel. This new TV ad is titled ‘Parenthood’ and is all about how parents use their iPhone 5s to get things done, look after their kids, teach their kids and more. The ad follows Apple’s recent use of the tagline “You’re more powerful than you [...]

Apple’s New iPhone 5s TV Ad ‘Strength’ Is All About Fitness [VIDEO]


Apple really wants you to use your iPhone 5s to keep yourself fit and in shape, according to their new TV ad titled ‘Strength’. The new ad features fitness accessories and apps for the iPhone 5s and shows how people use them. This ad comes just days after Apple announced the Health app for iOS 8 [...]

Apple Begins Advertising The iPhone 5s Via Print And TV Ad


Apple has finally begun advertising the iPhone 5s, likely after reaching a point where it can keep up with the demand. Since the announcement of both the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c Apple has focussed solely on advertising the iPhone 5c. In fact we already shared with you the first iPhone 5c commercial. Last week [...]

New iPhone 5c Commercial From Apple Airs Called Greetings

Screen Shot 2013-09-23 at 9.45.55 AM

Apple has just posted a new commercial to its YouTube channel today called Greetings. As its title hints the commercial depicts people from around the world talking to other people using the iPhone 5c. If you remember the previous iPhone 5c commercials we shared you will realize that this one is a departure from the [...]

Watch Apple’s New TV Ad For iPhone 5c And iOS 7 Titled ‘Designed Together’ [VIDEO]


Now that iOS 7 is out and so are both the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s, Apple decided to make an ad that features both. Well, this new TV ad titled ‘Designed Together’ is just for the iPhone 5c, but it shows how iOS 7 feels like home on the colored handset. Again, Apple has [...]

Watch Apple’s New iPhone 5c Ad Titled ‘Plastic Perfercted’ [VIDEO]


Apple’s iPhone 5c, the plastic made iPhone that comes in five different colors, is currently available for pre-order. To let more people know about the iPhone 5c, Apple has started airing a new TV ad. The new Ad is titled ‘Plastic Perfected’ and it shows colored liquid turn into the iPhone 5c. There are no [...]