iPhone 5 Concept Video Features Wireless Charging, Fingerprint Reader, Also Breaks The Laws Of Physics


First off, this is not an a video from Apple. It’s a fan-made concept for the iPhone 5 that features technology which, quite frankly, doesn’t currently exist. The video shows off the iPhone 5’s new design, but introduces features like wireless charging, on-screen fingerprint scanning, a more involved version of Siri in the notification center, […]

The iPhone 5 To Feature New Siri Self Destruct Functionality After Incorrect Passcode [VIDEO]


The iPhone 5 could be just around the corner, and what better way to prepare yourself for its release than by indulging on a concept video? This particular iPhone 5 concept video has been created by Aatma Studio, which is the same animation studio that created the viral iPad 3 concept video. In the concept […]

Is This Too Futuristic For An iPad 3 Concept? [VIDEO]


Aatma Studio, an animation studio, has just uploaded a new iPad 3 concept video to YouTube. As also stated by 9to5Mac however, it looks like more of an iPad 5 concept video (which you will also realize once you watch the video). For those who think Aatma Studio sounds familiar this is because they are the […]