Check Out The World’s First 3D Sensor For iPads

Structure Sensor

This attachable mobile 3D sensor called the Structure Sensor, is the world’s first mobile version of its kind that was recently funded on a crowd sourcing platform. It is claimed that this 3D sensor has many different uses for just about anyone. It is being used for virtual gaming, precise 3D mapping, recording accurate measurements […]

New Video Compares A 3D Render Of iPhone 5 With Samsung’s Galaxy S III


Well, this was bound to happen one day or another. A new video has surfaced on the Internet, that compares a beautifully rendered iPhone 5 with the Samsung Galaxy S III. Apple’s next-gen iPhone has been reported to have a 4-inch display, a thinner and taller design, new hardware, new dock connector and plenty more. […]

Watch This 3D 1080p Render Of The iPhone 5 Modelled From Leaked Photos, Rumors And Reports [VIDEO]


Again, there’s a new video of the iPhone 5, made from all the rumors, reports and leaked images, cases, housing etc. We’re never going to be bored with this, so TechRadar decided to make a full 1080p 3D render of the iPhone 5. This video also explains how the render was made, what the iPhone […]

iOS 6 Beta 4 Adds More Cities In The U.S, U.K, Canada And France To Maps App


Apple seeded iOS 6 Beta 4 to the developers yesterday which had some interesting new updates. So far, we’ve learnt that Apple will no longer have a YouTube app in iOS 6, there’s improved Privacy and few others. Now, 9to5Mac has discovered that new cities have been added to the 3D view in Apple’s new […]

Take 3D Photos And Videos With Your iPhone Using The 3DCone


Everyone loves 3D movies and with the current technology it’s not that difficult to make a 3D video or take a 3D photo. If you’ve got a thing for 3D videos and photos, you should definitely check out this new iPhone accessory. Yes, it’s an iPhone accessory, so you would obviously need to have one! […]

How To: Enable 3D Maps On Your iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 4G


About a week ago we showed you in a video what the new 3D Maps application would look like on the new iPad running the iOS 6 firmware. While the new 3D functionality and turn-by-turn directions is truly amazing to say the least, it is limited to the iPhone 4S and new iPad. Meaning that even […]

Apple’s New iOS 6 (3D) Maps Application Hands-On Demo [VIDEO]


Apple announced that the iOS 6 firmware would feature a brand new Maps application, but we really didn’t get as much as a demo of it as a lot of people wanted. As such I took it into my own hands to give a fairly in-depth demo of the new iOS 6 maps app that […]

iPhone 5 Leaked Parts Come To Life In 3D Rendering, Looks Good [VIDEO]


This always happens, first some diagrams, then the parts get leaked and finally a 3D rendering is made. Yes, I’m talking about all the iPhone 5 rumors, diagrams, and leaked parts that are floating about. A certain Bryce Haymond from Blackpool Creative decided to create a 3D render for the next gen iPhone based on leaked […]

Google 3D Maps Coming To Both iOS And Android With Offline Functionality And More!


Last week we announced that Google would be holding an event to discuss the next dimension of Google Maps on June 6th, 2012. Sure enough today Google was in the spotlight as they unveiled its enhanced 3d mapping platform that will support both iOS and Android. Google has mentioned that since 2006 it has had […]

LEAP Motion Brings Sci-Fi Like Computer Control To Your Mac Or Windows Desktop/Laptop


You know you’ve always wanted to control your computer using air gestures, just like how Iron Man does, or Tom Cruise in Minority Report. Flicking through all those software’s, pages and zooming in on stuff are some of the things that you can accomplish using the LEAP Motion dongle. LEAP is an amazing new way […]