2012 Year In Review: What Happened In The Apple App Store [INFOGRAPHIC]


It’s the last day of the year of 2012 folks, and it has been an amazing year so far. The mobile industry has achieved a lot in this year, broken records and come a long way from where it was last year. Apple did a pretty good job this year as well, releasing products such […]

Here Are The Best Android Apps Of 2012, Recommended By Google

Best Android Apps of 2012

It’s the end of the year and as always, Google has released a list of their best apps. In 2012, Google managed to close the gap with Apple’s App Store, shelling out about 750,000 apps. The search engine giant has also been releasing regular updates for its iOS set of apps. They also recently released […]

Merry Christmas From The iJailbreak Team

Today you are likely busy visiting family or friends, but if you are reading this you are probably trying to avoid a conversation about the weather or how your grandfather had to walk miles in the snow everyday when he was a child. Fear not! Although we can literally save the day for you, we […]

Here’s What Happened In The Mobile Industry In 2012: Year In Review [VIDEO]

Mobile Year in Review 2012

So far, the year 2012 has been very interesting, especially in the mobile industry. The competition between mobile manufactures is not what it was few years ago. There’s been a lot of new devices, apps, technologies, lawsuits etc. To talk about everything in one single post, is impossible. Hence, the MobileFuture have released a new video […]

Kim Kardashian Beats Justin Bieber In Top BING Searches Of 2012 And Microsoft Shares Its Top 12 Milestones This Year


All the tech giants have had a pretty impressive year in 2012 to say the least and to be honest they have to if they wish to maintain their dominant hold in this aggressive market. One of these companies is Microsoft, which recently detailed all of their milestones in a well-done video that we will get […]

Apple’s Best Of 2012 Lists Are In, For Both iTunes And The App Store


As the year draws to a close, and we brace ourselves for some rousing New Years celebrations, pretty much every outlet and critic on the face of the planet is preparing their Best of 2012 lists. Some carry a little bit more weight than others, however, and today Apple released their list of 2012’s best […]

Here’s One Great Gift Idea For Under $20: GelaSkins Premiums Skins


With the Holiday season rapidly approaching, you are probably thinking to yourself, I better get gift shopping! That is unless you are someone who doesn’t leave things to the last minute, in which case, I congratulate you for being one of the few. iJailbreak has already written two gift guides – Cool Gadgets and Jailbreak related […]

Apple’s New 21.5-Inch iMac Gets Torn Down By iFixit, Disappointing Repairability Score [IMAGES]


With Apple’s addiction to putting all of its products on a diet, comes one consequence – repairability. When trying to slim a product out it requires some serious engineering to condense everything into the smallest package possible. This is indeed the case with the new line of iMacs, at just 5mm thin at the edges, […]

2012 21.5-Inch iMac Benchmarked, 10 Percent Faster Than Last Year’s High-End 27-Inch iMac


The new redesigned 21.5-inch iMac is finally available on the online and retail Apple stores. Apple redesigned the new iMacs and upgraded the hardware for all of its Mac products. The new iMac features Intel’s latest Ivy Bridge processors and the latest Nvidia graphics. As such, someone obviously had to benchmark the new iMac to see how […]

2012 iMac 21.5-Inch And iMac 27-Inch Available For Purchase In U.S Apple Store


As promised, Apple’s new line-up of iMacs are available for purchase on their online store in the United States. The 21.5-inch iMac and 27-inch iMac can both be ordered from the Apple online store right now. Apple announced in a Press Release earlier this week that the new 2012 21.5-inch iMac would be available starting November 30th […]