CEO Of Apple, Tim Cook Made Close To $400,000,000 In 2011

Talk about a nice pay check. According to Apple’s 2012 proxy statement for their annual meeting of shareholders CEO of Apple, Tim Cook made a whopping $377,996, 537 in 2011. If you are wondering why Tim Cook made so much money in 2011 it is because of the 1 Million RSUs (restricted stock units that are a […]

Apple Q2 2011 Earnings and Statistics! [Nearly $25 Billion in Revenue]

If you have visited Apple’s website today you may have discovered that they have posted their Q2 (quarter 2) 2011 earnings. Apple has managed to sell a record number of 18.65 million iPhones, 4.69 million iPads, 9.02 million iPods, 3.76 million Macs, and has made around $24.67 billion in revenue. Though these statistics are slightly […]