Why Blackberry OS 10 Could Save RIM

RIM has been on the verge of bankruptcy for awhile now, and this has deterred many possible BlackBerry users. Despite this, I know for certain that many people, especially young individuals, are still continuing to switch to BlackBerry. But these people aren’t just insane, there are many positive features of BlackBerrys today that entice potential users, with very many more coming with BlackBerry 10. RIM are putting everything they have into OS 10, the one thing that could save the failing phone company from bankruptcy.

The key factor that has saved RIM for the last few months, is BlackBerry Messenger. No smartphone company has quite been able replicate what BBM does for its users. Although there are other messaging applications you can download for iPhone and Android devices, they are optional to download and they are not mainstream enough.

BlackBerrys these days are generally poorly made, and many get sent for repairs every year. In fact so many, that RIM decided to just assess the damage and ship new handsets to the disadvantaged owners of broken BlackBerrys. Hopefully in BlackBerry 10, with a few new handsets, the build quality will improve and there will be less complaints and repairs having to be dealt with.

Why Blackberry OS 10 Could Save RIM

Another very drawing feature of BlackBerry’s future operating system, is the business mode that the phone can instantly switch into from the home screen. Because many BlackBerry owners are business-people, this feature is very useful, as there are two versions of the phone you can use. The first one is personal, this is the section where you would keep your own photos videos and music on the phone; all of your personal items. The second section is your business part of the phone, in which you would keep all of your business applications, files and general things your company requires you to have on your phone.


Multitasking is another improved sector of BlackBerry 10. In BlackBerry OS 7 and below, the only multitasking available is a simple application switcher, which I have found to be quite problematic. In the operating system to come, BlackBerry’s multitasking is in windows on the homepage, which you can switch into at any time. You can also see all of your notifications inside one application, that is always available if you slide from the right to the left.

A very large factor of RIM’s survival, is the ‘flowing’ concept that BlackBerry OS 10 holds. It is like the back button on old BlackBerry handsets and Android devices, when ever you swipe back, the last thing you did comes back up again, and so on.

In my opinion I think RIM could possibly keep their company going simply due to a BlackBerry 10 success, as their new operating system does seem promising. But what do you think? Let us know in the comments about your feelings towards the next version of the BlackBerry OS.

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  • MaJiK

    That looks very much like an iPhone 4. Would they survive a battle with Apple is it goes to court???

  • iPhone4SGuy

    Unfortunately RIM is a sinking ship. The massive delay of OS 10 being released detered many people, another factor is that OS 10 was meant to provide security upgrades that were needed for services such as the police. There have been instances in the USA where police departments have switched to the iPhone due to its very secure environment it offers for confidential information. However, BBM is all that is keeping RIM alive, without that, RIM would have gone under 2 years ago!

  • http://www.facebook.com/NoyKedem1 Noy Kedem

    Couldn’t of said it better myself.

  • Alu Zeros

    lol, If I was RIM, just sell to Google, Apple, or Microsoft. They can’t compete with the ecosystem built around each major company. There’s just no room in today’s fast moving technology pace world

  • http://twitter.com/FredHill_ Fred Hill

    Ah, but would Google Apple or Microsoft have the grace to buy RIM?