Amazon Allows You To Get The MP3 Version Of A Purchased AutoRip CD Free Within The Last 15 Years

Amazon has recently launched a new service called AutoRip that is actually pretty neat if you are someone who has purchased physical media from the company. You see, AutoRip gives customers a free online version of any album they buy or have bought on Amazon within the last 15 years.

This service will definitely appeal to those who prefer to own music in its physical form, as now they can get the best of both worlds instead of having to choose between digital and physical. When you purchase a CD from Amazon you will instantly find it in your Cloud Player, and don’t fret… for those who haven’t used the Cloud Player you will receive an email explaining how to use it.

Amazon does note that the new service is limited to “thousands” of CDs that will be marked as AutoRip CDs, but obviously supported artists will increase over time. According to AllThingsD “Amazon has agreements with the three major record labels and a bunch of independents, but that doesn’t mean they have rights to every title.”

What Is Amazon AutoRip

While this service is more legitimate than’s ‘Beam It!’ functionality that got it sued out of existence awhile back, it’s usefulness is very limited. I can personally say I know no one who actually buys physical CDs from Amazon and this is because its user-base is very small. Regardless, for the few people that do buy CDs from Amazon this is some great added value, especially because it dates back 15 years.

Now the question remains, will Amazon do the same for other products such as books. When will we be able to purchase a physical book and also get its digital counterpart free?

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