Ubuntu For Phones Announced In Virtual Keynote, Actual Devices Shipping In 2014

Canonical, a company supporting Ubuntu, has just announced the long-awaited mobile version of Ubuntu, which is built to work around existing Android kernal and drivers. As Ubuntu mobile isn’t just powered by a Java Virtual Machine, it promises to use the full power of the phone. Currently, Ubuntu mobile supports both ARM and x86 processors and it will easily allow Android phone makers such as Samsung or HTC to make their devices run Ubuntu with minimal adaptation.

Actual Ubuntu phones will be out in early 2014, but the company will make downloadable images of the OS available for phones such as the Galaxy Nexus within the coming weeks. Now, I am sure you are most curious to see how Ubuntu for mobile actual looks, works and how it is different from Android and iOS. You will be glad to know that Ubuntu for mobile does indeed look promising and it definitely distinguishes itself from other mobile operating systems.

Ubuntu For Phones Announced

One of the biggest aspects to Ubuntu for mobile is thumb gestures near the edges of the screen that play a huge role in navigation. Swiping from the four different edges of the screen allow users to switch between apps and search for a variety of content. Something also noteworthy about Ubuntu for mobile is the lack of a lockscreen, which is present in both iOS and Android. Instead of a lockscreen, everything is accessible right from the bat, with some security measures still being put in place of course.

It looks like Ubuntu for mobile will be heavily revolved around a universal global search that sounds similar to the famed “just type” universal search in webOS. Hopefully this plays out better than it did for HP. Among other things the OS will feature voice commands and the ability to dock with a monitor, mouse and keyboard.

Ubuntu for mobile definitely looks like a promising operating system. The question still remains however, will it be able to compete with the top contenders of the industry. Obviously one of the biggest challenge will be getting developers to develop for Ubuntu.

What do you think of Ubuntu for mobile? Do you see it taking off, or becoming the next webOS? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/Johannes.Mertens Johannes Mertens

    The gestures are interesting. But as you said the challenge will be getting developers to create apps.

  • http://twitter.com/TrackStar_3427 Bolaji Ogbulu

    This has a couple of cydia tweaks in it such as dock and zephyr