Stop Tediously Managing Your Documents, Keep Them Organized With iDocument

We have all been there. You know you created a document containing the information you need awhile back, but forgot where you put. You have done system searches, checked every folder that you can think of, but just can’t find it. Maybe you didn’t create the document after all? Did it get deleted? These are all questions you will never get answers to, unless you luck out and find it of course! This is often times a rare occurrence however.

This is where the software iDocument comes in. iDocument is a wonderful document management software that allows you to easily organize all of your documents through a intuitive user interface. Upon launching iDocument you simply import your files with simple drag and drop actions and then you can start viewing your documents in different ways.


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  • A new layer concept: Collection is introduced to make a more clear structure. It is defined as the hyper level in the structure. With this extra layer, the weight of each layer becomes so obvious and finally gives you a very clean and tide library.
  • The ability to browse all documents from the top level of a structure, you’ll never need to open levels of folders to locate your target documents.
  • If you already had your documents organized previously in finder, you’ll be able keep your previous folder structures right in iDocument by drag and drop your folders into the Collection section. And it is all considered.

It gets better than that, iDocument will also auto detect new documents so that you don’t constantly have to keep manually importing new documents. If you think that iDocument could possibly be of benefit to you then you will want to check out our deals page for the software. Currently it retails for $50, but if you act within the next few days you will be able to grab it for a cool $25.

What are you waiting for? Click here to learn more about iDocument now!

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    I’d recommend Doo – its far better and FREE!