Claim Your Free Ticket To Code School Before It Is Too Late!

Hey you! Yup, I am talking to you. Have you been wanting to start learning computer programming, but can’t seem to find a good resource to learn from or a language to start learning? Well, look no further, I am not saying I have found the best beginner language, but I have found one that should give you a good introduction to some computer programming concepts that can be transferred.

Introducing Sass. Sass is essentially CSS3, but with nested rules, variables, mixins, selector inheritance and much more. As CSS is a web language you will be on your way to creating some great looking websites with just basic knowledge of HTML.

Code School Freebie

How do you go about learning Sass, well with iJailbreak’s code school freebie of course. iJailbreak is currently offering a course to teach you Sass that is absolutely free.

Literature and videos can only take you so far when learning. Code school incorporates hands-on coding practice in an actionable video course that will have you creating front-end CSS you can be proud of!

With our code school freebie there is no setup, no hassle, just learning. You can take a look at the course syllabus below…

  • LEVEL 1 – FOUNDATION: An introduction to Sass, imports, comments, and nesting
  • LEVEL 2 – VARIABLE: Creation and use of recallable information
  • LEVEL 3 – MIXIN: Writing reusable styles mixed with optional arguments
  • LEVEL 4 – EXTEND: Easily manage CSS class reuse and inheritance in the stylesheet, rather than HTML
  • LEVEL 5 – DIRECTIVE: A primer on the programmatic tools in Sass, including functions and each loops
  • LEVEL 6 – MATH + COLOR: Perform arithmetic and color alterations directly to stylesheet values
  • LEVEL 7 – RESPONSIVE: Simplify and optimize your responsive design workflow via Sass

If you are interested in learning Sass for free click here.

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