Learn And Master The Fundamentals Of Android Programming [80% OFF]

Learn Android Programming & Build Apps For Millions Of Worldwide Users


In this Android App Programming training course, you will learn how to use the tools needed to create your very own Android Apps.

Android has the largest user install base in the world, and with this tutorial you can learn how to create your very own Apps for millions of users around the globe.

As you proceed through the video tutorial, you will learn how to work with various App components and APIs, access and utilize resources, create your user interface and add animation and graphics to your App.

Additionally, the course teaches you about media playback, device camera access, determining location, and using device sensors. You will also learn how to store your Apps data using SQLite and internal device storage giving you a well rounded knowledge base for your Android desires.

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With the largest user base in the mobile world, Android programming is a very useful skill to have, not to mention lucrative when mastered.

Once you have completed this Android Programming video course, you will understand the tools, and have the skills necessary, to create and submit your very own Android Apps to the Google Play store.

With working files included, you will be able to learn alongside the instructor, allowing you to maximize and absorb as much information as possible.


  • Over 105 lectures and 9.5 hours of content
  • Learn The Skills Required To Build Apps For Android
  • No Programming Knowledge Required
  • Highly Detailed – Covers Everything You Need To Know
  • Receive A Certificate Of Completion

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  1. The iDevice Pro says:

    No one pays for Android apps, that’s the most prominent reasoning I hear for people not going to Apple. In short, if you want to just learn to program, go ahead with this, if you want to learn to program and make $$, learn Xcode.

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