Start Getting Back On Track With Your New Years Resolutions And 2013 Goals With FireTask

It is already February and this is the time when you start to lose focus of your New Years Resolutions and 2013 goals. Just yesterday I was at the gym and starting thinking to myself, boy the gym seems less busy than usual, and you know why? Because all those New Years Resolution gym goers are starting to relapse back into their old habits.

Perhaps the worst thing that can happen to you this year is for you not to improve yourself. And the only way to improve yourself is to follow through with your goals in 2013. What’s the best way to go about doing this? Writing them down of course! Just writing them down isn’t enough however, you need to make action steps leading up to your goals so that every day you are slowly working towards getting closer to them.

There is a lot of software and methods that can be used for this, but one that I have been hearing great things about is FireTask. FireTask is an application that allows you to get on top of things and it combines the advantages of David Allen’s Getting Things Done (GTD)® with proven classical task management concepts so you can DOMINATE your agenda efficiently and effectively.

How To Crush Your 2013 Goals With (GTD) FireTask

FireTask allows you to stay on top of your agenda no matter what! Reminders can be set on the iPhone or iPad, or they can be synced directly from your Mac. You can also activate push notification on iOS where reminders integrate nicely with the notification center.

  • Collect. Focus. Work.: Firetask combines the advantages of David Allen’s Getting Things Done (GTD)® with proven classical task management features such as due dates and priorities in a unique but proven matter.
  • Collect & Delegate Efficiently: Entering a number of tasks in Firetask is as simple and fast as writing a few lines of text. There is no need to take your hands from the keyboard; assign projects, categories, priorities, due dates and even delegate tasks via “tagging” using the # and @ characters.
  • Stay Focused & In Control: Firetask’s “Today” view shows all relevant due and next tasks in a single, clear overview. Due tasks only appear when becoming due within the next days, next tasks only if they are the first next task of a project or if marked as flagged. This helps you to focus on your most urgent and important tasks.
  • Everything is a Project: Firetask is project-oriented. Every task is part of a project and the order of next tasks is defined within each project. This helps you to break down your unnumbered tasks into manageable units and it helps us to provide you with a more focused view across all your commitments.

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