H.265 Video Format Approved By ITU, Promises High-Quality Video At A Fraction Of The Bandwidth

For those of you who know anything about video editing you will realize that H.264 is your best friend in most cases. H.264 not only provides great quality, but at a fraction of the file size compared to other formats. The H.264 codec is pretty much a standard now as it works across a wide variety of devices. It gets better though!

Today the ITU has just approved the H.265 standard, also known as High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC), which is designed to provide high-quality streaming video, even on low-bandwidth networks. It has been said that “H.265 will enable publishers to stream 1080p video with about half as many bits as required today“. What this means for the end consumer is that HD video streaming will be possible on broadband connections, as well as mobile and tablet devices, using networks that are a lot more bandwidth-constrained.


H.265 compression even opens up the possibility of 4K streaming when 4K TVs finally start becoming mainstream. The internet connection required for streaming 4K H.265 video would be about 20-30 Mbps of bandwidth. This is definitely a lot, but it is certainly not unheard of; especially in a couple years.

Unfortunately even though the H.265 codec was approved, we will not see mass implementation for another year or so. First software-based encoders will likely be available by the end of 2013, followed by hardware and chip acceleration as we move into 2014.

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