A Facebook Phone Is Rumored For Debut At Facebook’s January 15th Event

Facebook is holding a media event next Tuesday and so far the details have been extremely scarce. We told you that two predictions were either a Facebook phone or some radically new feature(s) for Facebook, which could include yet another redesign.

MG Siegler from TechCrunch seems to have gotten some details however, but only two words: “big deal” and “mobile”. What do these two words point to? Well, a Facebook phone of course. Siegler reports that Facebook is likely either going to unveil a Facebook phone or a Facebook operating system of sorts.

And so, with that in mind, multiple sources have told us that they expect some sort of Facebook Phone to be on display on Tuesday.

Now for the caveats (and they’re important). It’s not entirely clear if this will be an actual piece of Facebook branded hardware or if they will simply use hardware from a phone maker to show off some sort of new Facebook OS for mobile. That is to say, it could very well be that the “Facebook Phone” is more about a Facebook OS running on a phone (or a few phones).

Facebook creating a phone could actually make a lot of sense (despite Mark Zuckerberg denying previous rumors of such a device). Facebook launched the App Center not too long ago and already it has proved to be a big hit, despite big competition from Apple and Google. What is one requirement nowadays for any smartphone? Well, an App Store of course and Facebook has already taken care of this.

Facebook Smartphone Rumored For Debut At January 15th Event

A concept of a Facebook smartphone

With Facebook now being a publicly traded company it has to make its investors happy. In some ways Facebook has hit a cap with the amount of revenue it can bring in from advertising and the company is having to be really creative to squeeze as much money out of its userbase as possible. Creating a Facebook phone or even a mobile operating system could indeed impress investors and be profitable.

For Facebook to call press from around the world to their event on Tuesday, it must be a big announcement. We will keep you guys updated with what ends up happening, but until that time let us know if you think a Facebook phone is a possibility in the comments section below.

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