FireFox 8 Now Available To Download Early From Mozilla’s FTP Server

Today LifeHacker reports that the final (public release) version of FireFox 8 is available to download from Mozilla’s FTP servers. This means you can currently download the final version of FireFox 8 for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux before its’ scheduled release date (November 8h, 2011).

Like FireFox 7, FireFox 8’s biggest focus is on speed and performance to compete with Google Chrome. Other than FireFox 8 being much more responsive, FireFox itself now handles third party add-on installations to avoid security problems from sketchy extensions. One other noteworthy feature is built-in support to search Twitter messages in the browser’s address bar.

Firefox 8

If you are interested in downloading FireFox 8 before the public release on November 8th, 2011 you can click here. Let us know your thoughts about FireFox 8 in the comments section below…

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  • Prof_bho

    how to use? wich one to be download?

  • Jaden Ellett

    Which operating system are you running?

  • Me

    doesnt let me download… says permission denied

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