Download Firefox 10 Featuring Increased Performance, ESR And More!

Mozilla has just released its first update for Firefox this year and it brings Firefox into the double digits — FireFox 10. With the release of Firefox 10 we see improvements to stability, performance and rendering. Some of the most notable features in Firefox 10 includes a forward button that hides itself until there is a page to go back to, an API for full-screen web apps, and anti-aliasing for WebGL. One of the biggest additions for Firefox 10, however, is geared towards the enterprise sector and is dubbed Extended Support Release (ESR for short). What this basically entails is the browser will only receive small security updates that will not effect the Web or Firefox Add-ons platform, with a large-scale update planned only once a year.

 Firefox 10 download

If you are interested in downloading Firefox 10 or Firefox 10 ESR you can go to Mozilla’s website by clicking here. Don’t forget to share your thoughts about Firefox 10 in the comments section below…

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