Facebook Messenger For Windows Now Supports The Aging Windows XP And Windows Vista Operating Systems

Back in March we told you that Facebook released a desktop Facebook chat client called Messenger for Windows. With this desktop Facebook chat client comes the ability to chat with your Facebook friends without actually accessing the website. Furthermore, you can check new notifications, accept friend requests and view photos friends have been tagged in. The desktop Facebook chat client is easy to use and simply sits on your system tray when not in use; it will then pop-up when someone begins chatting to you.

When Messenger for Windows was first released it only supported Windows 7. With a recent update however, the desktop Facebook chat client supports group chats and is now compatible with the aging Windows XP and Windows Vista operating systems. This is about all we can tell you about this recent update however, because no official changelog accompanied it.

Messenger for Windows Update XP and Vista Support

Messenger for Windows is still a bare bones desktop client and still does not have many features that we would like to see such as video chat. Furthermore it would be nice if the folks over at Facebook would develop a Mac OS X client. Hopefully this will come in time though, but until that is a reality let us know if you are glad Facebook Messenger for Windows supports both Windows XP and Windows Vista in the comments section.

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